Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tymoshenko charges timed to damage EU-Ukraine integration process?

"The decision to press these [Shcherban murder F.N.] charges against Tymoshenko on this particular date seems to be a demonstration, before the EU-Ukraine summit on 25 February, that Kyiv will not make any concessions regarding the opposition leader, who has been accused of committing a felony.

The Ukrainian government seems to be hoping that this will convince the EU to stop defending Tymoshenko. However, the opposite reaction should be expected from the Western states, which will lead to a further deterioration of relations between the EU and Ukraine. [source ]

An interesting graphic in this '' article reveals that over the last year and half, pronouncements and developments in the prosecution of Yulia Tymoshenko have frequently, and most likely not coincidentally,  been timed to influence events significant to the development of  the EU-Ukraine relationship.

 According to Forbes: "The new charges against  Tymoshenko look like an insult to the EU. They (the leaders of the EU member states) have made it clear that they demand her release. Now it seems we deliberately ignoring this requirement. Obviously, the signing of this year, of the Association Agreement with the EU is now in question "- says a source close to one of the members of government.

"Our law enforcement officers  [siloviki] and judges have frequently put forward key decisions in the criminal cases against the former prime minister on the eve of important negotiations," concludes the Forbes article..

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Thanks you for updating your theme. The dates menu alone is much better.

I would also recommend that you correct your article which incorrectly refers to Tymoshenko's prosecution. It should read Tymoshenko's persecution. Blind fready could tell you this.