Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ukrainian authorites don't give a fig for European concerns about political prisoners

Former minister of the interior Yuriy Lutsenko has served over half his 4 year jail sentence which was the result of  highly suspect charges and trial. The European Court of Human Rights have ordered the Ukrainian authorities to pay him compensation for unllawful detention prior to the trial. Other ECHR rulings are currently being considered.

In many normal countries he would be either eligible for release on parole right now, or perhaps moved to an open prison with a less harsh regime that that observed in a penal colony.

Just a week ago he underwent a surgical operation to have a growth removed from his intestines at a Kyiv clinic.

He allegedly needs a second operation to treat stomach ulcers.

Today he was unceremoniously transferred back to the penal colony to serve the remainder of his sentence.

Senior officials in the EU who are monitoring his case are outraged by his treatment.

Ukrainian officials must be aware that Lutsenko's case is being very closely monitored - I have posted about this previously - but it is absolutely obvious they do not care about this. They are sadists. Lutsenko's treatment is a brazen signal: "Don't mess with us-  whoever you are ...we will crush you...whatever those smartarses in the west say..."

p.s. the British Ambassador has made his feelings known about this matter too... 

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