Sunday, January 13, 2013

Spiegel exposes bungling hackers

"Der Spiegel", one of the biggest-selling weekly magazines in the world, has run a story about the leaked 'Zhuzhaleaks' correspondence. Their piece is [loosely] entitled:

 'Doctored emails - hackers pursue Tymoshenko'

German doctors treating Tymoshenko are 'pissed off 'that they have been dragged into dirty Ukrainian politics because some of the leaked emails make it appear they have been signing off astronomically expensive 'sick notes' for Yulia T.. and have been 'trousering' the money.

In particular, one email, purporting to be from a doctor treating Tymoshenko and sent to her daughter Yevheniya, includes several invoice attachments. One of the invoices [probably legitimate] contains a detailed breakdown of all expenses incurred during one visit, even minor ones such as taxi fares. But another invoice, ostensibly for 'medical services' provided in May 2912, is for 680,000:00 Euro! That's further details of treatment, no reference to other agreements, no breakdown at all looks embarrassingly crude..

The heavy-handed, brutal, many say misogynistic treatment of Yulia Tymoshenko since her arrest nearly a year and a half ago greatly discredits Yanukovych and the Ukrainian authorities. I agree with this group of  female Ukrainian parliamentary deputies - had Tymoshenko been a man, she would not have been treated anywhere near as badly.

These 'dodgy' leaked emails discredit Ukrainian authorities even further. Such amateurish manipulation of stolen emails by their enemies will only give heart to the Tymoshenko camp..

p.s. A birdie told me Yevheniya T. paid the doctor with a million Euro note...and told them to keep the change..

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