Friday, November 08, 2013

Explanation for impasse on Tymoshenko lies in gangster mentality of Ukraine's leaders

An explanation for the war of nerves between the EU and Yanukovych which is taking place over the release of Yulia Tymoshenko can be found in Yanukovych's gangster mentality and world view. He spent his formative years as a street gang leader immersed in a full-blown criminal environment, and was sentenced twice for crimes of violence.

He observes the enormous efforts by the EU to get Tymoshenko released - a person he and many other misogynistic Ukrainian politicians consider to be just a cheap tart/swindler who achieved everything by smooth-talking and wiggling her arse.  For the Yanukovych's of this world women serve only one purpose...

He thinks, hey, if they care so much for her, then she really must be a most valuable piece of merchandise. I can get  plenty for her in any trade-off, so I'm going to play it really tough. Hence the absurd and illogical demands that Tymoshenko [or allegedly Angela Merkel] pay a gigantic $200 million fine. This, despite Tymoshenko  never being accused of gaining personally for the 2009 gas deal she allegedly screwed up on, for which she was sentenced.

Problem is, now he may have gone too far, run out of track, and really pissed the Europeans off - the opportunity may have been missed.

It is now unlikely that a solution to the Tymoshenko problem will be found in parliament. Inna Bohoslovska, the most voxiferous of Tymoshenko's critics, whom  even chased the former PM around a television studio during a live broadcast, is one of the PoR members of an committee "trying to resolve [ho,ho]" the issue by cobbling together a new draft law.

Bohoslovska, in her blog, today says: "The great historic mission - Ukraine's rapprochement with the European family has been reduced to dirty political speculation surrounding the big political opportunist [spekulant] Tymoshenko." So we knows which way she will vote...

Other committee members say it's already too late anyhow.

As I have previously posted, Yanukovch "knows, that if he indeed wants to take the Euro-route, he can, in extremis, at the the last moment, pardon Tymoshenko or release her for treatment by signing an ukaz. It will then be 'job done'."

And if she remains in jail, he still possess a valuable package for possible use in any trade-off further down the line.

Yanukovych, and his pals resemble a gang of thugs who have kidnapped a woman hostage. Having 'served her purpose', they know they can always dump the her out of the back of the truck at the door of the victim's family...and have a good laugh about it on the drive home..


elmer said...

what you are really pointing out is that if one took a sledgehammer to yanusvoloch's skull, and those of his buddies, there would be no brain splatter.

They are brainless idiots.

As for the shrieking shrew, Inna Boogooslanskaya - her favorite phrase before she spews her vile propaganda is a Rashan one - дорогі друзья - the sovok style "dear comrades."

It is she who should have been dumped into a garbage dump a long time ago.

She has an extremely hideous voice, and someone should have gagged her a long time ago.

Bernard said...

The lack of leadership from "the president" is of course from any reasonable perspective shocking, but it was also completely predictible. Yanukovych is a weak-minded, corrupt and primitive person, guided in his actions only by base and selfish instincts. As he has always done, he is now trying to lie, cheat and bluff himself out of the situation. What may be astonishing though, is that Kwasniewski appears to have been cheated by Yanukovych; when Yanukovych assured him and Pat Cox that the parliament would pass a law on thursday that would release Tymoshenko, it seems they actually believed him! Kwasniewski should know better as he has known Yanukovych
for a long time (he helped Ukraine out of the situation when Yanukovych tried to cheat himself to the presidency in 2004) and of course it turned out to be another bluff. Again we hear the same bullshit repeated: "we will find a solution but need more time", "it is a complex issue" etc etc. I cannot understand why EU has shown such patience with these imbecile gangsters. Cox and Kwasniewski who have made a tremdendous effort and who have also succeeded in getting Lutsenko out of prison, are
now humiliated and insulted. And to put Inna Bohoslovska in the comittee to "find a solution" for the "Tymoshenko issue" is nothing else than a spit in the face.
Bohoslovska is completely obsessed with Tymoshenko and has made it her mission in life to persecute Tymoshenko. She will never accept to put and end to the pracice of "selective justice". The priorities of the mafia/communist alliance remain the same: 1/ keep Tymoshenko in prison at all costs 2/ deny responsibility and blame
Tymoshenko and the opposition if the Vilnius summit turns out a fiasco. Meanwhile Azarov and Arbuzov are desperately begging money from anyone they can, in order to postone bankruptcy of the Ukrainian state. What a freak show.

LEvko said...

Thanks for your contributions. I sometimes wonder whether Yanukovych may not have forgiven Kwasniewski for his contribution in 'solving' the impasse following the Orange Revolution. Yanukovych, from his point of view was robbed of his rightful presidential victory.

Bernard said...

LEvko, you are probably right. Yanukovych certainly believes the vote figures in 2004 were correct, he did get more than 100% of the votes in Donetsk for example. From his perspective, such figures were merely proof of his rightful victory.