Friday, November 29, 2013

The spiv who did not come in from the cold [Update]

Good 5 minute video report from the UK's Channel 4 News
They call Yanukovych "the spiv who did not come in from the cold..."

p.s. Thousands of paid provocateurs [so called titushky] were seen loitering in parks in the centre of Kyiv today.

Were it not for warnings by the US ambassador about serious consequences if force were used against the participants of the EuroMaidan, there may well have been serious bloodshed.

These provocateurs, whose movements were not hindered by law enforcement agencies, were bussed from far and wide in dozens and dozens of buses. This was a well-organised and costly operation - it is inconceivable that the authorities were not in some way involved. Can there be a better illustration of the kind of regime that is currently in power in Ukraine? That would use such menacing thugs against students from the country's best universities, children of the elite - the flower of the nation.

Saturday morning update: Most regrettably, there now has been serious bloodshed, the process of Lukashenkisation has began. There are rumours of splits amongst Yanukovych's advisers..perhaps this will temper future events. The head of the president's administration may have submitted his resignation. Also last night's 'ShusterLive' was paused, then delayed for a while during behind the scenes wrangling...

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