Thursday, March 27, 2014

Poroshenko to be next president? [Updated]

Latest OPs indicate Petro Poroshenko will be next Ukrainian president - 24.9% of voters are ready to support him.

Klychko is at 8.9%,

Tymoshenko has 8.2% support.

PoR candidate Serhiy Tihipko is currently supported by 7.3% of voters.

Poroshenko and Klychko met British PM Cameron and his Foreign Secretary Hague today at 10 Downing Street.

The emotional maelstrom currently being experienced by many Ukrainians is described by the excellent young journalist , Ben Judah here. 

Update: Lots more interesting latest OP figures, in English, here  from the Polish Institute of Foreign Affairs e.g..
  • Support for the snap parliamentary election is rock solid: 66% 
  • Predictably, public support for NATO membership has grown – 34% are in favor (compared to only 20% in November 2013), anti-NATO sentiments diminished – only 40% are against (compared to 65% a year ago). Most crucially however: another 19% are undecided; this group can be “won over” by the media and politicians.
  • Solid majority support for EU membership – 52% (compared to 45-47% in January),  only 27% support Ukraine’s membership in Russia’s Customs Union (down from 36% in January).

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UkrToday said...

Ukraine keeps repeating the same mistakes expecting a different result

The presidential system has failed Ukraine

At an estimated cost of over 500 million dollars the Presidential election scheduled for May 25 is a total waste of limited resources

Even though Ukraine and the UN insists Crimea is still a part of Ukraine they will not be participating of voting in the election. 1.2 Million less Pro Russian constituents will tip the scale in favor of the Ukrainian nationalist cementing Crimea's governance with Russia

Ukraine would be better off electing it's head of state by a two-thirds majority of Ukraine's Parliament as is the case with Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, Moldova and a host of pother EU member states. Cost zero

For a country that can not meet the interests rates n its loans spending 500 Million dollars electing an oligarch is not going to help.

To add to this the two round presidential voting will only add to the costs and destabilize the state between each round of voting. On top of this there is the austerity measures that are demanded as part of the EU/IMF bailout package.

Not withstanding that Ukraine should not be holding a presidential election the two-round system should be replaced with a single-round preferential "Instant run-off" ballot. Each candidate is ranked in order of preference and if no single candidate has an absolute majority (50% plus one) then the candidate(s)with the lowest votes are excluded and their votes redistributed according to the voters nominated choice of preferences. Such a system operates in Ireland, India, Australia and some US States

One round half the costs, same result and more stable then the two round voting system. Results known earlier.