Sunday, March 30, 2014

US and Russia must include Ukraine in negotiations

From Mustafa Nayem's facebook:

"Moscow has given Washington an ultimatum: either the federalization of Ukraine with regions acquiring self-determination on foreign policy issues, or the Kremlin reserves the right to overcome "the crisis" in Ukraine by all means available to her. 

I.e., either we [Ukrainians] remain serfs of the United States and of Russia, or we will be conquered. 

Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama remind me of Viktor Yanukovych and the opposition during the times of Maidan. 

For three months Bank Street [president's administration] and opposition leaders tried to build realities ignoring the opinions and demands of the people. 

Now the United States and Russia are deciding the future without even inviting Ukrainians to the negotiating table. We have already seen where this could end. 

A Maidan 2.0 awaits - a geopolitical one. Whether this could be a cohesive protest or a guerrilla war is not yet clear. 

They may negotiate about lots of things, but in end Ukraine should have the final say - however pathetic this may sound."

[Gleaned from Matthew Kaminski's twitter]

p.s. Watch this 20 minute video from a man who really knows Odessa and Ukrainian politics in general.

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