Thursday, March 06, 2014

Spotlight turns to Eastern Ukraine [Update]

This is the new banner at the top of 'big-selling Segodnya' newspaper website. 

Segodnya's management is in Kyiv, but it is linked to Donbas political and business groups and is owned by Ukraine's biggest oligarch, Rinat Akhmetov. 

It says "United [or indivisible] country", in both Russian and Ukrainian...

Tonight 'Segodnya' reports about a violent demonstration which has just taken place in Donetsk city centre which was attended by up to 10,000 peaceful pro unity of Ukraine demonstrators. They were attacked by thugs from a 2000+ demo of pro-Russia demonstrators, some of whom threw smoke and tear gas grenades. Shaktar Donetsk ultras tried to protect the pro unity demonstrators. Passions ran high and there were a number of injured. Even police and ambulances were attacked. 

Local law enforcement bodies will have to get a grip soon. They have a big responsibility on their shoulders but, ominously, struggled to keep order tonight..Many Shakhtar Donetsk ultras were arrested and received fines..but it seems the pro-Russian thugs were let off...

It is a shame that many decent citizens of Donetsk are now having to live in fear of Tityshky shipped in from out of town.

This report from, a Donetsk-based website, [in English] is illuminating..

p.s. I recommend this piece from the Canadian 'The Star' about the criminal past of Crimea' new strongman, Sergey Aksyonov aka 'Goblin'. 

Andrew Wilson explains: The new Crimean authorities were established at gunpoint. 

Despite Russian rhetoric about a “coup” in Kyiv, the real coup was in Crimea. The Crimean Assembly building was taken over at gunpoint after a seemingly successful rally supporting the authorities in Kiev. Berkut militia, fleeing from their crimes in Kiev, were allegedly involved. 

In the absence of any proper law enforcement agency, a dangerous mix of organised criminals, lunatic cossacks, a pro-Russian radicals may soon run riot across Crimea...heaven help anyone that stands in their way...

The roughing up of UN's special envoy to the Crimea, Robert Serry and his assistant today, is just a taster of what is to come..

pps Latest update in English from Donetsk here 
What happens in this city is vitally important...

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