Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Avian flu

More poultry has been killed in the Crimea in an attempt to prevent the spread of avian flu. There have been no reported cases of human infection but the government has moved aggressively to prevent the spread to other bird populations.

It was also reported yesterday that the government is refusing to compensate the growers for the value of the destroyed birds. One poultry farm owner, a small businessman whose birds were destroyed by the government, said that he would likely go out of business.

These poultry growers might be in trouble for more market related reasons though. It was reported yesterday that the sales of poultry in Ukraine are down 20%. That can't be good for any industry, especially one with large numbers of small producers.

But more than business might be at stake. As a result of this government policy, poultry growers in the affected areas in the Crimea are reported to be getting rid of their inventories as fast as they are able to avoid any possibility of detection of the flu and the destruction of their birds. Though it wasn't stated, it would seem as if a refusal to report any sick birds would also be likely.

Meanwhile, back in Kiev, the Clark family has sworn off of poultry. Cutletas anyone?


LEvko said...

I saw a little cartoon the other day. Two worried-looking chickens in adjacent cages are looking at one another.

One is saying to the other: 'Hey,it might just be a head-cold..'

Scott W. Clark said...

That is pretty funny. They are burning them alive here so I guess he should be worried for two reasons.

LEvko said...

Yes, I heard unused ex-Soviet era napalm is being used in Crimea to burn chicken carcasses..and maybe keep warm. Seriously, I've had emails from folks in Western Ukraine that gas pressures are low, and that apartments are cold again, due to the extreme cold weather in Eastern Europe. I guess the whole creaky gas delivery system can't cope and take these extremes.

Elephants in Moscow zoo are being kept warm by adding vodka to their feed..

Keep warm..LEvko