Wednesday, January 25, 2006

British TV video clip on RUE [nobody knows nothin'..]

Interesting 10 minute video from British 'Channel 4 News' entitled "Ukraine's gas deal for Europe, by Jonathan Miller at

It includes brief interviews with Yulia and Yush, who looks rather baffled and bemused when asked about RosUkrEnergo. Also short interview with an evasive Chernomyrdin.

Thursday update:
It's Davos World Economic Forum time again. Last year it was Yuschenko who was 'belle of the ball'. This year 'the great and good' will be in the corridors discussing reliability of gas supplies for the present, and energy policies for the future. Ukraine will be mentioned in different tones than before.

Maybe that's part of Ukraine's plan - to stall on signing finalized contracts and try to embarass the Kremlin with [non] exposure of the folks behind RosUkrEnergo, who nobody, apparently, can identify. As my dear mum used to say: "Nikhto nichoho ne znaye - til'ky did i baba, i tsila hromada." [Nobody knows nothing - except grandad, grandma, and the whole community.]

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