Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Still cold

It is still cold here. The reported temperature is more or less the same as it has been. (That is around -30 C.) Our apartment is cool even with the radiators hot. And walking outside in the daytime with the sun shining down on the face, the hair still freezes to the inside of the nose when inhaling. That is the nasal hair for those who want the particulars. It unfreezes on the exhale so you walk along with a sticking, unsticking, sticking, unsticking kind of thing going on in the old schnozzola.

The other thing here is that there are shortages of some food items. The bread kiosk near our house is closed. It is a small kind of a shed-sized little building on the sidewalk that takes delivery from the bakeries and sells bread from morning to later in the evening. But that is closed we think to keep the worker from being out in the cold but we aren't sure. The fact that the local supermarket a block or so down doesn't have bread either suggests that maybe something else here is at work. Are the bakeries not working? Have they shut down to keep the employees from coming to work in the cold?

Eggs have been harder to find too. It can't be the avian flu problem because not that many birds and farms have been affected relatively speaking. Is it the same problem? Same thing with milk. It's not that you can't find any of these but you might have to go to a couple of different locations to get them. Maybe it's hoarding that has done it. Who knows.

Anyway, we're all wrapped up with nowhere to go.


Anonymous said...

Over the past week, Furshet at Nivki (and yesterday at Mandarin Plaza) have been without tomatoes! Where are you buying yours? At the market?

Scott W. Clark said...

We haven't gone out to buy any recently so I don't know. That is interesting though. When we go to the store or pass by the market, I'll check if they have any.