Thursday, May 10, 2007


While it may be hard to determine a winner in the presidential ukaze unpleasantness, as LEvko rightly warns, it is hard for me not to see a loser in this—Moroz. He may be planning to go into the elections with PR but it is hard to see what PR gets for the effort. They needed him once because he brought with him some votes to the Verkhovna Rada. Do they need him now? Right now his party, the Socialists, have dropped off the radar. If the vote took place today, the Socialists would not be in the VR. So he would bring nothing to this election that PR needs. Would they put him on the PR party election roll? For what purpose?

Seems to me, Moroz is on his way out.

Couldn’t happen to a better man. He decimated his own party so he could be head man of the VR. Might as well have been a dung heap.


Ransom said...

Welcome back, Scott!

Anonymous said...

elmer here.

Moroz is a drowning man, grasping at straws.

On a daily basis, he is sputtering furiously, looking for a way to save himself, rather than for a way to implement snap elections.

His head is spinning so fast with all his sputtering in different directions to try and save himself, that I expect it will fly off any day now.

Today, he's calling for breaking off all talks with Yushchenko about elections.

I guess he wants to collect his salary from the zRada for as long as possible.

There cannot be any doubt now - he is not interested in those he represents, nor in his country, nor in getting to work implementing snap elections.

He is only interested in his own rear end.

It's sick. And ugly.

Very sick, and very ugly.