Friday, May 18, 2007

Undemocratic leaders

Party of Regions official site has posted a piece by one of their VR deputies, Leonid Kozhara which claims, 'The collapse of a second foreign visit by the president of Ukraine is a signal that European leaders have no wish to associate with the undemocratic leader of Ukraine.'

Today Yush was supposed to be in London to meet PM Tony Blair, [who recently announced his decision to stand down from office]; and to address a meeting with top businessmen arranged by the 'Financial Times' as well as to open an exhibition on the 75th anniversary of the great 1932/3 famine in Ukraine - the Holodomor.

Kozhara's posting quotes portions of an article in today's British 'Independent' newspaper, but it's better, for the sake of objectivity to read it in full.

Here it is:

Ukrainian president left in departure lounge by Blair By Oliver Duff Published: 17 May 2007 *

Tony Blair is so busy leaving "the crowds wanting more... [being] the star who won't even play the last encore" - to quote the leaked words of his own No 10 advisers, who last year suggested his victory tour of the nation and appearances on 'Blue Peter', 'Songs of Praise,' etc [popular British TV programs]- that he has committed a grave diplomatic snub (something else for Gordon to sort out). [Gordon Brown is Blair's probable successor]

The Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko, the poisoned leader of Ukraine's 2004 "Orange Revolution", was expecting to meet our outgoing Prime Minister today for tea, nibbles and a nice photocall to boost his "democratic" credentials.

Unfortunately, Our Tone is in Washington saying goodbye to George Dubya - and appears to have forgotten to tell Yushchenko not to bother coming.

"Due to an unavoidable change in the British Prime Minister's foreign travel plans," says a Ukrainian Embassy official, "the British and Ukrainian sides have agreed to postpone a working visit of the President of Ukraine to the United Kingdom on [16 and] 17 May."

An "unavoidable change"? Blair has known for weeks that he was off to Washington; you don't just rock up in America and drop by the White House. Yet a Ukrainian diplomatic source tells me that No 10 only called Yushchenko to tell him not to bother catching his flight at the weekend."The President was going to meet Blair but Blair cancelled on Monday - very late," mutters the diplomat. "We have postponed it for an indefinite time. We consider this very unfortunate."

LEvko doesn't blame PoR for putting their own spin on this story and making political capital out of Yushchenko's discomfort - this is part of the 'rough-and-tumble' of politics.

But is Kozhara really suggesting that Blair 'invited himself' to Washington to meet his old pal George Bush at the last moment in order to avoid meeting Yushchenko?

Oh, and European politicians associate with the the most morally dubious and undesirable of leaders if it suits their national interest - as do Ukrainian leaders..

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