Saturday, December 18, 2004

Election reforms violate civil rights

This is a good one from Interfax Ukraine:

Yanukovych repeated that the amendments to the election law adopted by Parliament undermine civil rights and discriminate against invalids and other citizens who cannot get to polling stations [provision cutting the right to vote from home, which was abused on a massive scale during the annulled second round of the election on 21 November]. "Our opponents have decided to fight our people in that way, but not to fight Yanukovych,"he said, calling on citizens able to do so to help invalids get to the polling stations. "We mustn't allow this to happen," he said. (Brackets not mine.) Action Ukraine Report #262

He also called his opponents "orange rats" and said the Ukrainian people would respond on December 26. After that, he said, "other answers would follow."

What a sweet guy. That light touch of his must have been acquired during the Soviet era, that tranquil and happy golden age of the Ukrainian people.

I think this guy must seethe in the dark.

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