Friday, December 03, 2004


There is a report out that once the Supreme Court rules on the election, Yanukovych supporters are prepared to march down to the square and start knocking heads. I don’t know how those reporting it know this and what in the world these people would get from doing this except some sort of satisfaction from venting their frustration out on the cause of it. (And if they wanted to do that, why wait for the Supreme Court to act?)

If true, and I hope it isn’t, all I can say is, there had better be a lot of them.

There is also a report that students in Poltova (southern Ukraine) are being recruited to travel to Kiev, go down to the square and create disturbances. There have been rumors of this before, that people were going to go down and riot to discredit the protest. As far as I know, nothing of the sort has happened. And this is kind of a late date to do it, but who knows? They might not have gotten the memo to stop recruiting.

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