Monday, December 13, 2004

US intervention

There are still articles being written about US funding of the revolution which is put on a par with Moscow funding of Yanukovych. But the US funded NGOs and parallel vote counts along with voter education activities in Ukraine, not anything else. But all of these are said to have been with the intent to create, if not a revolution, then at least a win for Yuschenko. Why? To spite Moscow and to draw Ukraine out of its sphere.

But this kind of talk is a lot like a woman looking to kill her husband who decides to do it by cooking high cholesterol meals. He might die of a heart attack or he might not, it is hard to say. But it seems like a more direct method would be a whole lot smarter--and more indicative of an intent to get the thing done.

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Anonymous said...

I saw this on PBS the other night and I think you might find it interesting and appropriate. Since I've only been following this briefly, I don't know the accuracy of the statements. One particular quote: "yes, money didn't go to Yushchenko's account, but all those groups that Michael [the other guest] is talking about [NGO's, etc.], they all support Yushchenko. It is obvious one-sided support of this candidate."