Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Looming broad coalition?

PM Tymoshenko and her government have suffered several set-backs in recent days. The Odessa Portside Plant privatisation sale, so important to Tymoshenko, will not now take place. Inflation is running at over 1.5% per month. BYuT will will not perform as well as hoped in Sunday's Kyiv mayoral and city council elections.

And now there is talk of 'Regiony' conducting talks about formation of a broad [PoR/NUNS] parliamentary coalition.

Here's a bit from a '4post article':

The process of drawing out the nomination procedure for the PoR candidate for the post of first deputy chairman of the VR may indicate that negotiations on the formation of a broad [PoR/NUNS] coalition are taking place.

According to BYuT VR deputy Volodymyr Filenko, PoR will not make a selection for the post of the first deputy VR chairman, until a broad coalition is formed. The 'nardep' claimed this broad coalition is to be formed after the pre-term mayoral elections in Kyiv have taken place next Sunday.

“The longer the process of nomination for election to the post of vice-speaker is dragged out, the more real this plan becomes,” he said.

Filenko also noted that, according to previous information, after the formation of the broad coalition takes place, a PoR representative will take up the position of VR chairman, and a technical candidate [anyone but Yanukovych?] will become prime minister.

"An oligarchic plot headed by the president is being hatched against his own nation and BYuT," says Filenko.

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Unknown said...

So many Yush supporters have been in denial about Yush forming a coalition with PR even though he and Renat have met often and there have been numerous rumors since the election. I guess that soon they are going to have to take off their rose colored glasses.

The truth, much to my disappointment is that Yush is only interested in power and probably as power hungry (maybe more) and corrupt as the rest of Ukraine's top leaders.

I was so excited after the last election thinking Yush and Yulia were going to accomplish great things. But...it appears Yush had no interest in working with her, shown by his and Baloha's constant public criticisms of Yulia from day 1.

The only advantage for Yush right now will be that he will keep the presidency and its' powers, but I cannot see him winning another election.

Personally, I don't know why anyone would want an alliance with him. He has nothing but short term goals to give. PR would do better forming a parliamentary style govt.