Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lutsenko expects Tymoshenko to be sacked soon

Interior minister Yuriy Lutsenko [who is also head of the Narodna Samooborona faction of the NU-NS block], in a Radio interview yesterday, claimed that on May 30th the National Security and Defence Council will pass a resolution on the the unsatisfactory perfomance of the government. Members of the government have been invited by Council Secretary Raisa Bohatyryova to attend the NSDC meeting on that date.

"On the 30th, whether the government will turn up or not, obviously, they plan to deliver a verdict on the unsatisfactory performance of the government. After this, in parliament, they will vote for its resignation. Taking into account Baloha's group of troublemakers, who have about 15 votes inside NUNS, they can vote it through," stated Lutsenko.

"Tymoshenko will become acting Head of Government, we all will become an acting government, and after this, probably a new coalition will be formed," he suggested.

Lutsenko made similar claims again in a Channel 5 TV interview. Depending on the results of today's politically important Kyiv mayoral and city council elections, a reformation of the VR ruling coalition could take place.

"Final consultations are taking place right now, and next week [a non session week for parliament] will be used to prepare the 'shyrka' [broad coalition]. A internal political take-over is being prepared in parliament. They want to give back power to shadows from the past."

A couple of days ago, at a public meeting, Tymoshenko and Lutsenko jointly declared they had agreed that the BYuT candidate for Kyiv mayor, Oleksandr Turchynov, was the sole BYuT/NUNS candidate for mayor. Today head of NUNS political council, Vyacheslav Kyryenko denied this.

"This is the personal opinion of Yuriy Vitaliyovych, which, unfortunately will not help unite the democrats in Kyiv. Having come to the polling stations on Sunday, voters will see that the number of candidates on their ballot slips have not changed, and the current city head is being opposed by a whole number of candidates from the democratic forces," explained Kyrylenko.

Meanwhile, the Prosecutor General, on 26th May, is intending to dismiss Lutsenko, according to head of the parliamentary commission for tackling organized crime and corruption, NU deputy Hennadiy Moskal. He claims that the president's secretariat is behind this.

A confused picture, to say the least.

In elections since the O.R. BYuT has consistently performed above expectations. If this trend continues in today's voting in Kyiv LEvko thinks the current administration should be safe for a while yet. But if they don't..big battles for power, and maybe a constitutional crisis lie ahead. The problem for Yushchenko is that the pro-presidential NU-NS project is coming apart at the seams. The NS portion, lead by Lutsenko is all but detached already, and lesser partners, e.g. former Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk's 'Narodnyi Rukh Ukrainy', are drifting closer to BYuT too.


UkrToday said...

This will be the final nail in the coffin. Democracy will be dead in Ukraine.

The NSCD does not have the power to dismiss the government. This can only be done by the resolve of the parliament in a vote of no confidence.

So much for Yushchenko's committment and support of Imperative mandate and democrtic rule.

Yulia made a big mistake in having handed back power, unconstitutionally to the President.

We are now looking at the possibility of a bloodless presidential coup next month on the eve of the summer holidays

Yushchenko can only assume authority and hand over power to the NSDC under the terms of martial law.

No doubt Yushchenko will try and impose his version of constitutional reform and seek endorsement in some form by the Ukrainian people who will falsely be told that adopting his version of the constitution will be the only option and end to the ongoing political divide.

Reform to the Constitution cannot be made under martial law So Yushchenko will have to find some way of declaring martial law without declaring marshal law. as long as he has the support of the op[position of a majority of the parliament he may achieve his goals.

Much of this depends on the political will of Party of Regions.

Party of Regions will have a choice to either back the President or take the bold step of opposing the president and support his impeachment and adoption of an alternatve consituional reform thatw oudl see Ukraine emnbrace a parliamentary system, putting an end to teh destructive and devisive tactics of abuse of the presidential power

Come May 30 it will he showdown at the Bankova corral.

The President's Advisor said...

Democracy received a mortal blow in battle and was rushed off to the constitutional hospital where one if its legs was amputated by the Presidential surgeon.

The next day the President's men came to Democracy and said we have some good news and some bad news. Which one would you like me to tell you first.

Democracy said give me the bad news first. To which the President's surgeon replied I am sorry, but we cut off the wrong leg.

Democracy then ask what is the good news? To President's surgeon replied your other leg is getting better.