Thursday, May 15, 2008

No quick resolution of current political crisis in sight

After yesterday's stormy events in the VR, [see Tymoshenko's impromptu press briefing providing an explanation for BYuT's behaviour here] a meeting between the president, premier, VR speaker, and leaders of the parliamentary fractions took place today (Wednesday), but produced no result or compromise.

Leader of the Communist fraction, Petro Symonenko said, "The president did not make any suggestions at all about what measures can be adopted to stabilize the situation. Discussions did not take place constructively, but in actual fact were [just] arguments between members of the coalition."

PoR VR deputy Oleksandr Yefremov said, "The principal reason, in my opinion for BYuT's blocking [of parliament] is the removal of Semenyuk [head of the State Property Fund, whom Tymoshenko's government has replaced with one of their own - Andriy Portnov.] BYuT want to gain access to the sale of particularly tempting state enterprises - 'UkrTelekom', and Odessa Portside Plant."

Portnov himself is adamant that he will not obey Yushchenko's edicts, adding that the sale of the OPP will take place on 20th May via open procedures, "Irrespective of the declarations of the closed stock company of Valentyna Petrivna [Semenyuk] and Viktor Andriyovych [Yushchenko]."

"Despite the hysterics of highly placed officials," three prospective investors have already paid in a deposit for the OPP, claimed Portnov.

Tonight Tymoshenko took part in a public meeting supporting BYuT's candidate in Kyiv's mayoral elections, Oleksandr Turchynov. Her anti-Yushchenko rhetoric continues unabated.

Yesterday president Yushchenko failed to address the Ukrainian parliament and held a press briefing in one of the parliament's corridors. At his side were his press secretary Iryna Vannikova, National Security and Defence Council secretary, Raisa Bohatyryova, and... Valentyna Semenyuk.. [The good, the bad, and the ugly? or maybe 'Vitya's Angels'..only joking..only joking..]

Yushchenko flew off to Great Britain later this afternoon, having given an interview to the BBC and to the British Sky news. A transcript is to appear on BBC websites.

Blocking of parliament by PoR for many days earlier this year only harmed their political standing...BYuT will be aware of this, so LEvko's hunch is that some kind of compromise will be made soon, but the bad blood will remain.


Anonymous said...

It is absolutely baffling to me why Yushchenko would rely on a punk like Baloha.

It is absolutely astounding to me that Yushchenko would publicly proclaim that corruption is killing the country - and then do nothing about, and appoints Kuchma to the board of Shevchenko University, one of the finest educational institutions in the world, and plays kissy-face with Akhmetov and the thugs from Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk.

It is absolutely astounding to me that Kuchma, oops, Yushchenko, is doing everything he can to trip up Tymoshenko. It's like a psychotic phobia.

He is willing to cut off his own nose to spite his face.

He claims to be worried about inflation - and does everything he can to undermine Tymoshenko in her efforts to fight inflation.

The "good, the bad, and the ugly" - more like the Three Stooges, LevKo.

Especially Semenyuk - she reminds me of Curly.

Anonymous said...

"Blocking of parliament by PoR for many days"

Didn't they effectively shut down the working of parliament for weeks? And did negative ratings finally get them to stop? They knew about the drop in ratings and publicly stated they were little concerned about it, which is troubling because it indicates a certain level of distance and uncaring attitude toward voters - which does seem prevalent within all the political parties. Why did PoR stop its "Hi, NATO" and save Kharkiv Mayor action? Because it got them nothing but a drop in ratings? Is it advisable to "compromise" with people obstructing the working of government? Personally, I know that it is not advisable to give in when a child a temper tantrum but ignore their flailing and howls of outrage. Otherwise bad behavior is rewarded.

BTW what ever happened to PM Tymoshenko's words that the form of government would be decided by the people? Did she not say that she would hold a referendum? was it ever held?

Anonymous said...

Ukrainian politics - one big pie fight.

Anonymous said...

Parliament unblocked, KabMin bill passed and BYuT politicians may apologize for blocking Parliament. Would not have guessed it.


Unknown said...

Well said Elmer. Yush's behavior since Baloha came onto the scene has been less than desireable. You are right that he has been willing to damage Ukraine only because of his desire to undermine Yulia.

Regarding the blockade of the VR, I've never agreed with that behavior.

However, it was interesting to hear Anonymous mention the word "compromise." It would be good for Ukraine if Yush would ever attempt such an act, instead of undermining Yulia at every turn. Perhaps if he would, his ratings wouldn't be falling so low that soon even the Communists will draw better than him.

Many of the Yush supporters on the various forums have been very disappointing with their lack of ability to look critically at Yush instead of only at Yulia. They appear to blindly accept anything and everything Yush does. No politician should ever be blindly accepted. Critical thought should be applied to all.