Saturday, May 31, 2008

Out on her own

If you can understand Ukrainian, watch Yulia Tymoshenko's formidable performance on the TRK 'Ukraina' TV channel last night here

No wonder enemies are so fearful of her.


elmer said...

She is absolutely right:

1) Yushchenko, together with the Constitutional Court, which is politicized, torpedoed the entire budget of Ukraine. Yushchenko just used a veto.

2) None of the current government's initiatives are acted upon. All of the political parties, for example, agreed to cancel immunity for members of parliament, the immunity which allows them to commit crimes with impunity. Has it been canceled? No.

3) The National Security and Defense Council, as reported in Unian, just whitewashed the whole Vanco Energy deal, whereby a mysterious British Virgin Islands company, owned by 4 or 5 young girls, suddenly, and without explanation, stepped into the deal, bringing along 3 parasites - Novitsky from Russia, Akhmetov from Ukraine, and Integrum, an unknown Austrian company.

The National Security and Defence Council did not state what they were relying on - only that Vanco "did everything right." In other words, "just trust us."

Vanco Energy from HOUSTON beat out Shell and ExxonMobil for offshore drilling rights in the Black Sea.

No explanation from the National Security and Defense Council as to how it is that the British Virgin Islands company got into the deal, or as to how Rinat Akhmetov, former Prime Minister Yanukovych's buddy (the guy who approved the deal), got into the deal, or how Novitsky from Russia and Integrum from Austria got into the deal, or why it's necessary for 4 little girls to get into the deal via a British Virgin Islands corporation.

The TV program host at one point observes that this is like shooting arrows at tanks.

In response, the Prosecutor General's office, which is also a sewer pit and highly politicized, initiated criminal proceedings against the ministers who cancelled the Vanco license.

Yushchenko talks about how corruption is ruining Ukraine - and then does nothing about it.

elmer said...

She's also right about the oligarch pig clans (my words, not hers) trying to continue the divide up the country for their own personal wealth, using government to do so.

And - it is absolutely BARBARIC that the Yushchenko government, and the Prosecutor General, is attempting to prosecute Lutsenko for allegedly slapping the space cadet mayor of Kyiv, Chernovetsky.

She's right - Lutsenko was the first Interior Minister who actually took steps against corruption.

Now, Yushchenko and his Party of Regions oligarch clan pig buddies are conducting political repressions, using the Prosecutor General's office and other means to do so.

Lutsenko has spent hours answering stupid questions about slapping Cherno in the face. It is BARBARIC. (My comment, not hers.)

She mentions that she, herself, had spent a few hours being questioned - in the Prosecutor General's office, apparently about the Vanco affair.

Why is it that corruption is so popular in Ukraine amongst the President and his pig oligarch clan buddies? Why does Yushchenko have to rely on a punk like Baloha to run the President's secretariat?