Friday, May 30, 2008

'Lucky' Lutsenko does a runner?

According to an article in 'Oboz', Ukrainian interior minister Yuriy Lutsenko and head of the NS part of the NU-NS parliamentary bloc has hastily left for the Republic of Moldova, fearing arrest.

The visit was organized at the last minute for the minister, but it was not planned and was not co-ordinated with the Moldavian side. Neither the embassy of Moldova in Ukraine, nor the embassy of Ukraine in Moldova knew anything about it.

'Oboz' claims Lutsenko decided to leave the territory of Ukraine because the seriousness of the crimes of which he is accused is such that they could lead to his detention while he is under investigation.

In all probability Lutsenko will not return to Ukraine at the end of his visit to Moldova, and will attempt to organize an official or unofficial trip to other country.

Lutsenko's lawyers are checking the possibility of requesting asylum in one of Ukraine's neighbouring countries as a result of alleged persecution of the interior minister by the President's secretariat and its head, Viktor Baloha.

Two former Ukrainian interior ministers Vasyl Tsushko, and Mykola Bilokon have previously sought refuge on Russian territory, and another, Yuri Kravchenko, "committed suicide", bang, bang.


elmer said...

Yushchenko goes to Canada to get some strokes, using a technique well-known for a long time among political leaders - when times get tough at home, go overseas.

So Yushchenko goes to Canada to promote the Holodomor, which is certainly justifiable.

The only problem is that Yushcenko is relying on a thug-punk named Baloha, whose only care and aim is to see if he can rescue a lost cause - Yushchenko.

Yushchenko screwed the pooch BIG TIME already by sucking up to the "stabilinist" thugs from Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk, torpedoing Tymoshenko, and making Yanukovych Prime Minister.

All that did is to encourage and continue Kuchma thug-like government.

People get blown up in mines, oligarchs get wealthy, a fat pig oligarch named Zviahilsky owns the mine, wait, he doesn't own the mine, and people die, their families suffer, Yanukovych gets a HUGE mansion complex, Yushchenko's wife gets plane rides to Belgium from Firtash, who is tied in with Gazprom -- and the beat goes on.

Lutsenko, in this inteview, (see bottom of page) says that the Prez, the one who is getting strokes in Canada now, told him to simply "lay off" of the thug oligarchs.

Now Baloha, the punk, comes up with a scheme - prosecute Lutsenko for allegedly slapping space cadet martian mayor of Moscow and corrupt thug Chernovetsky in the face.

It's sick. President Yushchenko relies on a punk like Baloha, and Lutsenko is absolutely right - Yushchenko and Baloha are doing everything they can to undermine democracy.

Yushchenko talks the talk about ending corruption - but he doesn't walk the walk.

He's returning Ukraine to the time of Boris and Gleb, when assassinations, even in church, and gang warfare were rampant.

Ющенко про-гавив демократію.

За що?

Anonymous said...

And what will you say when he returns today to Ukraine? Or will you casually ignore it. The trip was pre planned. Please, quit posting bogus propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Elma. Rair Call. BUT why do you portray the story as though the real blame is Baloha when the reality is Yushchenko is responsible for those things that are done in his mane. Yushchenko is the problem and has always been the problem,. He has consistently opposed all those who are not of his choosing. He has undermined Ukraine's parliamentary system and continues to unde4rmine Ukraine economic and demarcation development. Yushchenko has set back de3mocracy in Ukraine at least 5 years if not more.

Please stop making any excuse for him. As they say the buck stops with Shenko for the policy and actions of the President.

Anonymous said...

Well, Lutsenko met yesterday with Yushchenko and Kyrylenko. As forecast, his return to Ukraine has been ignored by the press and by this blogger, after making ridiculous statements about his exile. Makes you wonder.