Saturday, September 06, 2008

BYuT-PoR coalition likely

"Segodnya" carries this story entitled:

BYuT: Coalition with 'Regiony' is better than the re-elections

Neither Party of Regions nor BYuT are hiding the fact that they are actively conducting negotiations on the creation of a new coalition.

According to 'Segodnya's' sources in BYuT, the union between Regionaly and 'Byutovtsi' will be legalized by the end September. "BYuT are categorically against early elections. The majority of 'Byutovtsi', in particular those from the eastern, southern and central regions, consider that a coalition with PoR is absolutely natural. It is somewhat difficult for the representatives from western regions, it is more complex for them to explain this union to its voters. But in any event they understand that a new coalition is more advantageous than re-elections. And the last eight months with NUNS were not easy and pleasant", explained the source.

PoR spokesman Taras Chornovil told "Segodnya" that PoR has now walked out of "stupid" negotiations with NUNS. "I'm so pleased about this! Now, as a party spokesman I don't have to give false statements that we are still trying to come to some agreement with someone. Yes, there are people in PoR who were drawn into negotiations with the Bank St. [president's secretariat], and now we are seriously reorienting [our position]. But as you may have noticed, in recent days these people and the entire fraction, voted for the joint agreements made by PoR and BYuT. And I've heard that even Akhmetov has already said that to it is easier to come to an agreement with Tymoshenko [rather than Yushchenko]. Working with Bank Street is political suicide, everyone understands this. As to early elections or coalition with BYuT - I prefer the latter. And I can assure you - the probability of this coalition is very large. But we are not conducting negotiations [on this], because we need to give BYuT the chance to officially leave the previous coalition".

Meanwhile on Bank Street they do not believe in the union of Tymoshenko Yanukovych. "BYuT and PoR will not be glued together so simply. Tymoshenko will in any event remain premier, and Yanukovych will be made speaker. But this distribution is not equivalent, and problems will appear," a source from the President's secretariat told "Segodnya".
For this very reason the presidential team is counting on early elections, which must take place at the beginning, and at latest, by the middle of December. "A coalition between BYuT and Regionaly, will hit Tymoshenko's positions in the western regions, so elections could substantially change the political distribution", said the source.

['Segodnya' is published by one of Akhmetov's companies]

Other commentators agree that all bridges have now been burned between Yulka T and Yushchenko - the same goes for Yanukovych and any possibility of a PoR/NUNS grand coalition. For the first time in all the years of their existence, both PoR and BYuT totally trusted on another to stick to previously-made agreements and to vote in a co-ordinated fashion in the VR last week.

The Russian-Georgian conflict caused the abscess in the democratic coalition that had been festering for months and which no-one wanted to squeeze, to finally burst.


Anonymous said...

Whats she going to do, change coalitions every 3 months now? LOL She'll soon burn her bridges with those Pro Russians too, just as she has with everyone else. LOL

elmer said...

On September 5, 2008, Victor Yanukovych was in the studios of 5 Kanal (Channel 5) for an interview on the "Time" (Chas) program.

To me, this is absolutely STUNNING for 2 reasons.

First, it was the first time in 5 years that he showed up at that TV station, using the occasion to wish Channel 5 well on its 5th anniversary. The interviewer even asked him whether he still viewed Channel 5 as a pro-Orange outlet, to which he replied that he viewed it as a responsible, democratic medium.

Second, what he was saying is incredibly different, and, it seems to me, diametrically different from what he had been saying in prior years.

- he stated that the goal of each politician or government official should NOT be the fight for government posts, but improving life in Ukraine;

- underlying this, according to him, should be "one law for all"; he specifically mentioned the courts, for example, although he did not go so far as to suggest canceling carte blanche parliamentary immunity;

- he stated that government should depend on the people, and Ukraine's interests, and that government should answer to the interests of the people;

- he correctly pointed out that the political fights occuring since 2004 have been non-productive, rendering government ineffective, and that he himself had undergone this "test" of political bickering, and it rendered government, whether headed by Orange or PoR, ineffective;

- he did not have as a personal goal seeking any particular government office, but improving life for Ukrainians, and noted the overwhelming public distrust of government, which prevents building a fundamentally sound and strong country and government

- with respect to Georgia, he fell down a little bit, taking the pro-Russian line that "Georgia started it," but noting that perhaps Russia overstepped its bounds as peacekeeper, and that Ukraine should not get involved in a war in Georgia, and that Ukraine should live in peace (based on a neutral stance with regard to the conflict)

- he affirmed that, although the parties in parliament are discussing constitutional changes, the presidential-parliamentary system should remain, and the president's duties and powers should be more clearly specified, including the power to dissolve parliament.

- he also talked about unifying the country in order to respond to the needs of the people.

This sounds like a totally different Yanukovych.

I am truly amazed and shocked, and pleasantly surprised.

It is an interview worth watching. He chose his words very carefully.

UkrToday said...

A coalition of convenience.

Is this not what Yushchenko has been calling for? After all he has championed the idea of a broad coalition?

It would be hypocritical for Yushchenko to now condemn Yulia for forming a partnership to bring about change when this is what he and his party, Our Ukraine, have been suggesting from day one.

The only difference is that it will be a coalition without Our Ukraine and without Yushchenko.

Of course the devil is in the detail but should the coalition be formed to put an end to the divisions and destructive policies of Ukraine's President and create a democratic parliamentary democracy then this is a step again in the right direction.

If you look back at all the manufactured political crisis facing Ukraine since 2002 they have all been as a result of Yushchenko seeking to undermine Ukraine's attempts to abandon the authoritarian presidential "rule by decree" dictatorship and prevent efforts to complete the transition to a Parliamentary "rule of law" system of governance.

In 2002 Yushchenko managed to defeat a push to change Ukraine's Constitution which fell short of 5 votes from the required 2/3rds constitutional majority.

In 2004 as part of peace agreement he agreed to change Ukraine's constitution handing more authority to the people's representative parliament.

In 2005/6 Yushchenko renege on his agreement made in 2004 and proceeded once again to undermine the formation of an 'Orange' Parliamentary majority.

Our Ukraine at the time were actively negotiating with Party of Regions to form a coalition without Yulia and the Socialists, but they could not find common ground.

Then our Ukraine went after the Socialists who wanted to see Ukraine become a Parliamentary Democracy. Faced with the potential collapse of constitutional gains. The Socialists with Party of Regions, who also supported the parliamentary system, to form a working coalition without Yushchenko.

In 2007 the new government was seeking to secure support, once more, for constitutional change. Change that would remove absolute power from the president. The proposals were considered favourably by Block Yulia Tymoshenko.

In order to prevent the Parliament from securing a constitutional majority Yushchenko dismissed the Parliament by decree and then interfered with the independence of the constitutional court to force a fresh election, an election where he expected Our Ukraine would hold the balance of power.

At the time there were calls for Yushchenko to also face the electorate, which he refused to do.

Yushchenko divided Ukraine and brought it to the point of civil unrest and potential civil war.

Yushchenko pushed Ukraine into accepting his demands. He gambled with Ukraine's democratic future and lost.

Yushchenko is again now facing a united view that Ukraine should adopt a European Style Parliamentary system. and again Yushchenko is opposed to the change that would see power shift away from the hands of one individual and be trusted into the collective hands of the propels representatives.

For How long can Yushchenko continue to hold back the tide and prevent Ukraine's democratic development. For how long can he continue to force Ukraine to bare the cost of his personal war by clinging on to power?

Yes this is Yushchenko's personal war against Ukraine's democratic development. A desperate attempt to cling on to power. Power that he so often has abused and used to the detriment of Ukraine.

If a coalition is formed and if Yushchenko is forced from Office then this could be the cost that has to be paid for Ukraine to become a true democratic independent nations.

TGhis struggelk for a true democratoc nation is not new. Oliver Cromwell, the pre-Russian Revolution just to name two were all about removing power from a head of state

It is time for Ukraine to put an end to the division and it is time to put an end to Yushchenko term of office.

Gene said...

I find this an interesting coalition, that indicates to me that Renat lost out on the battle for control of the party between himself and Yanu...that Yanu, is now in control of PoR.

But...I've always wondered what his (Akhmetov) draw to Yush was. Yush could not deliver on anything major.

For Yulia, I see some positives...but mostly negatives for her politically. Many Orange will be quite wary of her relationship with PoR...and should be.

Stupid Yush...he had a chance to accomplish something with Yulia, but his selfish ego and Baloha only forced her to look elsewhere.