Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ukrainians seriously worried by Georgian conflict

An O.P. in 'Unian' reveals 48.5% of Ukrainians consider conflict similar to that in Georgia could occur in Ukraine.

40.4% of those questioned disagreed with this point of view. Nevertheless, 47.4% see dangers for Ukraine in the Russian-Georgian conflict.

Clearly, large numbers of Ukrainians are seriously worried about recent events in Georgia.
p.s. I can recommend an analytical article from 'Der Spiegel' [in English] entitled 'The Cold Peace'. It claims there is OSCE evidence that Saakashvili 'drew first' by attacking civilian targets, contrary to his repeated assertions that he did not. The article also highlights the statements and suggestions by Russian officials, particularly on the question of Crimea, that are making Ukrainians so nervous [see above].

Also well worth reading is 'Spiegel's excellent account [in English] of how the events leading to war in Georgia unfolded.

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