Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yushchenko under pressure

In an article in 'Dzerkalo Tyzhnya' US ambassador in Ukraine William Taylor says he will work with any coalition in the Ukrainian parliament, as long as it is formed in a democratic manner. But he also warned Ukrainian authorites against using force or introducing direct presidential rule.

And 'Segodnya' reports that former US ambassador in Ukraine, Steven Pifer, has expressed the opinion that Ukraine will not be granted its NATO Membership Action Plan if the Verkhovna Rada is dissolved by the President. 'Segodnya' considers this political 'arm-twisting' by Pifer is intended to push the Presidential NUNS party back into coalition with BYuT.

The same article, entitled 'Tymoshenko stirring mutiny at Yushchenko's rear' [i.e. inside NUNS], says today a pro-premier [pro-Tymoshenko] fraction is being formed inside the presidential block. Tymoshenko's stated today that if "Parliament is pushed into early elections, then it would be logical to hold simultaneous presidential, and parliamentary elections," [which Yushchenko would almost certainly lose.]

'Segodnya' also claims a parliamentary investigative commission will conclude that president Yushchenko himself was involved with the supply of weaponry to Georgia and to his 'kum' a monetary loss to Ukraine of whopping half a billion hryvnya.. Will this scandal have legs?


Anonymous said...

This absolutely asinine, lethal political bickering in Ukraine has got to stop. Politics is not about liking people - it's about working with people, even if you don't like them.

A former president once said, if you want someone to like you in Washington - get a dog.

Last night, during the presidential debate, John McCain specifically mentioned the feud between Yushchenko and Tymoshenko, and how it's hurting Ukraine.

Tymoshenko is absolutely asinine and moronic in her own right to be pushing for a pre-term presidential election.

It seems that the Ukrainian "third way" is to simply poke people in the nose and bicker and fight, and play games of brinksmanship, and disastrous consequences be damned.

Ukrainians are their own worst enemy.

It's time to act like grown-ups.

It's time to stop the circus.

If Ukrainians don't do it themselves, then roosha will do it for them - on terms that Putin likes.

Anonymous said...

Yushchenko is absolutely asinine and moronic to be pushing for a preterm parliamentary elections.

Yushchenko is the main cause for division and instability in Ukraine.

Fresh and early presidential elections is the best option for Ukraine. Yushchenko should be required to renew his mandate.He should have faced the people last year but refused knowing full well that he would not be elected. He is a dead duck president who does not act in the best interest of Ukraine.

Yes it is time to stop the circus.

Yushchenko must go.

He has two options he continues to struggle to hold on to office bringing Ukraine down with him or he resigns and has a say in who should be his replacement.