Thursday, October 02, 2008

BYuT and NUNS agree, but poison remains..

Yulia Tymoshenko has agreed to accept all of NUNS' conditions, and the parliamentary 'Democratic Coalition' now joined by Lytvyn's bloc, are apparently back in business. "We agree to all of the steps which they have proposed..all the conditions, ultimatums, all the arm-twisting," announced Tymoshenko sourly.

Tomorrow, 2nd October, she is going to Moscow for critical talks on supplies of Russian gas to Ukraine. She claimed today that her 'KabMin' had confirmed the directives of both the president and the National Security and Defence Council for the talks.

Just two days ago deputy head of the president's secretariat Andriy Kyslynsky declared on the secretariat's official website that he was convinced that during her visit to Moscow "gas contracts for 2009 are not the #1 topic on the agenda.."

"The first item on the list will be the reciept by Yulia Volodymyrivna of political blessings from the Russian administration. All the rest, including gas contracts, will be just tagged on."

"National interests cannot be the hostages of the premier's political intrigues," emphasized Kyslynsky, in what was just the latest of the secretariat's statements systematically 'rubbishing' Tymoshenko.

Does anyone seriously believe that the new coalition is anything other than the buying of time before the presidential elections get under way? With Tymoshenko around, Yushchenko's chances of a second term of office are extremely low. The never-ending vitriolic criticism of PM Tymoshenko by the President's secretariat is bound to continue..

p.s. a commentator on the current global financial crisis said that when political opponents start agreeing and working together to overcome the crisis, then this is the time to really get worried..


UkrToday said...

Clearly the divisions remain. Sadly as is often the case with Ukrainian media the terms of the 'new coalition' have not been published. Of ongoing concern is the fate of Constitutional reform and Ukraine's adoption of a full parliamentary Democracy in line with other European states.

The question that is left hanging is Yulia suffering from "battered wife's syndrome" or is she buying time.Come June/July next year the President loses authority to dismiss the parliament. Whilst the coalition may collapse The government retains office.

Article 90 states...

The authority of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine shall not be terminated during the last six months of the term of authority of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine or President of Ukraine.

elmer said...

Looks like Tymoshenko has called President Baloha's, er, Yushchenko'ls bluff.

She has "agreed" to all of the demands posited by NUNS.

Soooooo - theoretically, they are ready to form a tri-partite coalition, with NUNS-People's Self-Defense, the Lytvyn Bloc, and BYuT.

Soooooo - what's the next move for President Baloha, er, Yushchenko, on how to get rid of Tymoshenko as Prime Minister?

The Prez gigged her a bit by taking Tymoshenko's plane. He was scheduled to fly to Lviv, and he "plane trouble," came back to Kyiv - and took the plane on which Tymoshenko was scheduled to go to maskva for gas talks.

She got a private charter.

President Baloha, er, Yushchenko, is just going to keep gigging her, to try to get her goat.

Such is "politics" in Ukraine.

The "political elite" peeing and shitting all over one another, in one big pile of shit-stained money obtained through government, and people be damned.