Thursday, October 09, 2008

Here we go again..

Tonight on TV president Yushchenko announced that he is terminating the activity of the sixth convocation of the Verkhovna Rada and calling for early parliamentary elections.

"I'm convinced, deeply convinced, the democratic coalition was ruined by one thing - human ambition - the ambition of one person [Yu.T]. A greed for power, a divergence in values, the preference of personal interests over national interests," explained the president.

A date for the new elections has not yet been determined.

Earlier today BYuT parliamentary deputy Ostap Semerak, on BYuT's official site stated that early elections would only be possible on the condition that parliament accepts a decision on their financing and on changes to election law.

"The signing of an ukaz on conducting [parliamentary] elections does not mean they will take place....If there is no concensus amongst deputies about fresh elections then they will not take place." he said.

Another BYuT deputy claimed that the decision to dismiss the VR will only take effect after the official publication of the president's ukaz. "There's an abyss between the ukaz of the president and its realisation. To hurdle over it some people will have to work very hard," he said. BYuT intend to mount a legal challenge on Yushchenko's decision.

Viktor Yanukovych announced that PoR were against fresh elections, but it seems they have they agreed to go along with them. "Having lead the country to ruin, today's authorities have driven society to early parliamentary elections again. PoR were against this...PoR proposed coming to an agreement, not about government posts, but about improving the lot of our people and developing the economy. However, the 'oranges' were only interested in chairs. They wanted so many governmental chairs that a whole furniture factory couldn't satisfy their needs," said Yanukovych [not a bad quip]

'Segodnya' speculates that at least students will not be complaining. During last summer's VR elections those who were employed to wave party flags, attend meetings and distribute election leaflets were paid 100-150 hryven per day. This year, because of the seasonal factor, they will be demanding 200-250 hryven.

LEvko says 70 - 80% of the electorate do not understand the need for fresh elections. Most realize they will not change much anyhow. Any president who ignores this widely-held views of the electorate is taking a big risk..

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Anonymous said...

Yushenkov meeting with Factional Parliamentary leaders was not an act of conciliation.Under the provisions of Ukraine's constitution Article 90 the President is required to convene a meeting of parliamentary representatives prior to any dismissal of parliament. Yushchenko's actions were deliberate and contrived well in advance of the latest spat and division in Ukraine's Parliament.

Yushchenko has betrayed Ukraine and those who had previously supported his election.

He is now a dead duck president who has lost all respect and any claim to rightfully represent the people of Ukraine. He has in effect signed his own Political death warrant.

History will not look favourably on Yushenko's term of office

Yushchenko is solely to blame for the collapse of the Orange Coalition.

He has been undermining Ukraine's parliamentary system even before he took office.

His party "Our Ukraine" was the reason why the Orange alliance fell apart in 2006. Whilst Yushchenko spouses the words of democracy his actions and deeds are far from democratic. He has breached Ukraine's Constitution so many times he has seriously undermined confidence in his administration and democracy itself.

Faced with a world financial Yushchenko's latest power play has come at a time when Ukraine needs stability more then ever.

Fresh elections will not resolve the ongoing political crisis and divisions in Ukraine.

As long as Yushchenko remains in office Ukraine will continue to suffer.

Yushchenko, who has less then 5% support according to recent opinion polls, should resign in order to facilitate fresh presidential elections.

Ukraine MUST adopt constitutional reform and embrace a full Parliamentary system of governance in line with othtger European States.

If the elction does proceed then Ukraine should send a clear message of disapproval and vote againt "Our Ukraine" and any supporters of the President.