Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sick of politics

Not a bad little video from 'The Guardian' here on reactions to Yushchenko's calling of snap parliamentary elections.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the video is of good production quality and gives a nice sample of various electoral moods.

Of interest to you may also be the following report by Worldfocus:

Anonymous said...

All the politicians fault right? Either people can't be bothered to vote - you have to go all the way to a polling booth once every year or they go and vote for the same politicians again and then complain that nothing changes. And if, Mr. Voter if you still, believe in Yulia's promises after all her past performance then carry on dreaming but why should anything change.

UkrToday said...

Did you see the following disclosure by Taras Chornovil?

I have had the opportunity to meet Taras in person as part of a delegation.I found him to be a considerate and sincere member of the Rada who cares about his country and Ukraine's democratic development.

There is no doubt some truth in what he has to say. Taras has announced his resignation from the Parliament as a result of the ploys and plots that he has now exposed. It provides a real insight into the back room deals that are behind Yushchenko actions.

1. Taras Chornovil: President's men ploting Presidential coup

2. Taras Chornovil speaks out: expose a Presidential plot

elmer said...

Try this on for a scenario.

Yushchenko says that "human ambition" of just one person - Tymoshenko - forced him - FORCED HIM, mind you - to call pre-term snap parliamentary elections in Ukraine.

What does that mean? I could understand it the first time, when the Party of Regions was buying up deputies.

But "human ambition"? In the hyper-competitive free-for-all that is Ukrainian politics?

What really happened is that Tymoshenko and Gazprom cut RosUkrEnergo out of the deal for buying gas between Ukraine and Russia.

That means that Firtash, one of the participants in RosUkrEnergo, is out of the deal.

Firtash has given plane rides to Yushchenko and/or his family, and who knows what else.

Yushchenko's son has "no visible means of support," as the IRS says.

I think that Yushchenko is pissed because one of his potential money men had been cut out of the gas deal between Ukraine and Russia.

So he called snap elections.

Any takers on this theory?

elmer said...

Lutsenko has called for all "democratic forces" to unite with Tymoshenko.

And for all of those people who want to put democratic principles ahead of personality to unite in one large democratic force with Tymoshenko.

I think he's right, and I think that's the way out.

Lutsenko has proved that he will fight corruption.

Tymoshenko got rid of the corrupt intermediary, RosUkrEnergo.

Meanwhile, the Party of Regions simply talks about improving life for people - but where are the SPECIFICS? They've simply watched people blow up in mines, while they collected the profits.

elmer said...

That story about black soil really demonstrates how corruption is killing the country.

And how BAD government is hurting Ukraine, and the people of Ukraine.

And how Ukraine could be a big player in relieving world hunger - were it not for all the thugs in the insane political circus of Ukraine.

"We have met the enemy, and he is - us."

Anonymous said...

Yushchenko says that "human ambition" of just one person"

Yushchenko's is the main person who has placed personal ambition and self interest above the interest of the state.

Yushchenko has consistently undermined Ukraine's economic and democratic development. He has singly handed setback democratoc reform and Ukraine's integration with Europe by 10 to 15 years.

The ongoing destructive power struggle between the President and Ukraine's democratically elected Parliamentary government MUST come to an end.

Yushchenko MUST be removed from office by what every peaceful means possible. He should resign or seek to renew his mandate by holding early presidential elections.