Wednesday, October 15, 2008

History repeating itself

BYuT parliamentary deputy Andriy Kozhemyakin today claimed that the state security service [SBU] and State Defence Administration [UDO] are 'planning the realization of a force scenario and establishing direct presidential rule'.

He claimed the president's secretariat is planning a Pinochet-style "Chilean scenario"' and appealed to the power structures not to give in to provocations and not to obey illegal orders of their leadership.

He quoted the words of Salvador Alliende: "They have the power and they can crush us, but the social process cannot be stopped either by force or by criminal means."

All of this may sound alarmist, but it has to be remembered Kozhemyakin rose through the ranks to become, in 2005, deputy head of operations of the SBU and head of the administration for fighting corruption and organized crime. His father was a lieutenant-general in the SBU.

The press service of the SBU have responded calling Kozhemyakin's claims 'rubbish'.

About 60 fully armed special forces personnel have also been 'protecting' the Central Electoral Commission building. The SBU denied that any of the 20 or so BYuT deputies present today had been beaten up..

The country is sliding into the same kind of mess as last year when the president dismissed a PoR-led parliament, except last year Tymoshenko was cheering the president on.

Tomorrow Tymoshenko is flying to Brussels where she is to meet Javier Solana - the EU's High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy.


Anonymous said...

he is not the first and only one to make this claim.Taras Chornovil hads also suggest this scenario which was his reason why he decided to not not contest the next election. For those that do not know who Taras Chornovil is: He is/was a member of the Party of Regions based in Lviv. He is highly respected.

Unknown said...

I have doubted, since Yush and Baloha started their attacks on Yulia, that he would give up power. While Kozhemyakin may not have all the facts, I believe that in theory this is something Yush and Baloha (and probably Renat) are considering.

Anonymous said...

Last year Yushchenko's actions were unjustified and unconstitutuional. This year they are outright treacherous and deceitful. Yushchenko has no options left.
If fresh elections are called then Party of Regions will win control again of the parliament. Yushchenko has lost all respect and support from Yulia Tymoshenko and as a result of his suicidal tendencies has killed off once and for all any sense of Ukraine becoming a democratic state.

He either pursues the conspiracy theory and seeks to impose presidential rule and whether out the civil unrest that would follow or he has cut a deal with Party of Regions.

Not even Yushchenko can be that stupid (Can he?) Unless there is a deal cut with Party of Regions I fail to see any other option for Yushchenko. He will have to resign or go for broke and implement a Presidential Coup. The later would be a disaster for the Regions and world security. Yushchenko would need to engaged the support of NATO and the USA, which in the process would ignite serious definition and civil unrest. It is hard to contemplate even the Ukrainian armed forces backing such a move. Should he pursue such a direction then Russia would most certainly have to step in to protect its own interests and security. (It would have just cause to seek to do so) We could see the possible outbreak of World War three. (Which strangely enough has been predicted by a Bulgarian Mystic Vana). To my mind Yushchenko is a mad man hell bent on creating war and mayhem whilst the people of Ukraine suffer his ill considered options.

Anonymous said...

Soo - move and counter-move. These people never stop playing chess.

It is absolutely hideous that Yushchenko simply abolishes a court that ordered a postponement of his decree dissolving parliament.

There is a serious and very crucial need for an independent, impartial judiciary in Ukraine.

Otherwise, President Baloha, er, Yushchenko, simply abolishes courts left and right.

And assorted people start plotting to use force to "protect" this or that - meaning their own interests.

That's not part of democracy.

Anonymous said...

Taras Chornovil is the dishonorable renegade and betrayer of Ukraine. The son of the Hero Ukrainian Nationalist Dissident Vecheslaw Chornovil,whom was murdered.

Vecheslaw Chornovil Senior wrote the Book; Internationalism or Russification in the early 70's when it was dangerous.
UkrToday is against Ukrainians independence and sovereignty. Ukrtoday carries out a Pro-Moscow disinformation campaign.

Anonymous said...

What other option does Yushchenko have?

1. He holds`fresh elections and the result is the same? His party has less members of parliament.
2. The results deliver a majority to Party of Regions. Do Our Ukraine form a coalition with them? No one can work with Our Ukraine let alone support their policies of division.
3. Less then 50% turn out at polls. The electorate have abandoned the political process. Yushchenko implements plan B presidential rule, democracy is dead in Ukraine.
4. Civil dissent Yushchenko imposes a state of emergency and tries to impose new constitutional order before he is ousted from office. An unconstitutional act. Will the military back his actions?
5. Elections`are held and Our Ukraine lose representation. Yushchenko is`forced to resign and speaker takes office of President for remainder of President's term of office. Parliament adopts new`constitution which sees Ukraine become a full Parliamentary system of governance in ,line with other European states. Stability is`restored. The people of Ukraine are represented. President loses power Yushchenko recorded in history as`a failed President who tried to destroy Ukraine's Parliamentary system and destabilize the nation in times of crisis. US Government loses puppet President.
6. Yushchenko is forced to seek compromise and reunite with Yulia Tymoshenko and`sees out his term of office in disgrace knowing that history will record him and his party as`the cause for the collapse of the Orange revolution. He does not stand for reelection knowing he has no support.

Dictatorship is his only option to remain in power with control. But in the process he`seriously divides the country and risks`civil war. He tries to engage NATO and the process starts WWIII a`war of attrition. All whilst the world faces its biggest financial`crisis ever.

Last option he moves to the USA and seeks asylum taking with him millions`of dollars.

All options without Yushchenko are the best. He has already lost respect and support of the Ukrainian people. He either goes quietly or is forced from office.

Anonymous said...

OK, we have some science fiction and heavy breathing from "anonymous," complete with "US Puppet" sovok phrasing.

It's not just Yushchenko's fault, although if he had done what he promised to do in the Orange Revolution, when he had the majority of the country in the palm of his hands, there would not be such a problem today.

Tymoshenko went to a court which had NO JURISDICTION to rule on a presidential decree dissolving parliament, and where the judges were "Tymoshenko loyalists."


In response, Yushchenko simply dissolved the court.


And so it goes.


That means that the court would recognize that is has no jurisdiction, that there is a proper court to go to.

That also means that noone, not even teh president, could dissolve a court.

That means that Constitutional Court Judge Susanna Stanik's mother would not suddenly get several million dollars' worth of property while that court is considering Yushchenko's decree dissolving Parliament - as happened last year, in 2007

It also means that there are consequences for those who try to bribe the judges, directly or indirectly - meaning jail.

It also means consequences for the judges - meaning disbarment.

This is pretty basic stuff - do people in Ukraine not understand it? And if they do, why do they put up with it?

For one.

Ukraine needs to abolish Parliamentary immunity, so that the gang of thugs that controls Prominvestbank can't try to launder money, with the help of Member of Parliament Oleksander Shepelev.

For two.

There are more reforms that are necessary.

So that people like anonymous can stop hyper-ventilating about "US Puppets" and stop from getting mired deeper into the current mud pit and sewer and quicksand which is Ukrainian politics.

In other words - people like anonymous want to continue to play in the sewer and mud pit and quicksand.

I say - get out, stop playing in it.