Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Normal situation for democracy?

President Yushchenko seems to be living in his own fantasy world. In a conversation with journalists in Paris after today's 12th EU-Ukraine summit, when asked about the current political situation in Ukraine, he told them, "There is no crisis, this is a normal situation for democracy." He obviously missed PM Yulia Tymoshenko's two-hour diatribe against him yesterday.

But the ground may be crumbling under his feet. According to Defence minister Yuriy Yekhanurov, ministers allocated from the President's quota and from NUNS intend to take part in all further cabinet meetings. "We will [continue] to work, and believe me, we will work responsibly," said the minister.

And in last night's TV interview, Yulia Tymoshenko claimed that the Prosecutor-General's office has refused to set up a working group to investigate her 'state treason' alleged by the President's secretariat. If this is true, it indicates that Yushchenko's control over the 'sylovyky' is not as great as he had hoped.

Several political 'big-beasts' including interior minister Yuriy Lutsenko, former foreign affairs minister Borys Tarasyuk, and former defence minister Anatoliy Hrytsenko did not support the break-up of the NUNS-BYuT coalition late in the evening on 2nd September when 39 out of 64 NUNS deputies voted to walk out of the NUNS-BYuT coalition. According to the VR 'reglament' the 'divorce' officially takes place on the eleventh day after this resolution was adopted.

Many NUNS deputies are now in a state of panic over possible fresh elections. They are demanding Yushchenko settles his differences with Tymoshenko and sacks troublemaker-in-chief, head of the president's secretariat, Viktor Baloha.

But even if BYuT wer to form a new ruling coalition with 'Regiony' within the allotted 30 day period, President Yushchenko may dismiss parliament in any case, even though no legal basis would exist for this. This is a normal situation for democracy, no?


Anonymous said...

This is getting out of hand - the anti-Yushchenko bais. Do you really want Tym and Yanuk together in charge before or after new elections. Good luck if that's what you get, I'm sure it will be just great.
Tym is an absolute lier. She was the one who said that she was summoned on treason charges which simply was not true. It was as a witness to the poisonning case, a stupid enough reason I agree, but not high treason.
The three elephants from NUNS. Luts has been with Tym for a long time and anyway his is a seperate party. The other two were sacked by Yush so what a surpise they're not a 100% behind him. Yekhanourov may meen continue to work as defence minister not in the government.
Your source about NUNS in panic which you don't specify just happens to be the rag of the Party of the Regions owned by one of them.
Thanks for all the information but it's become impossible to read. Let your regular commentators esp UkrToday enjoy - after all they contribute as much.

Anonymous said...

I find it extraordinary that on one hand they claim the coalition has ended yet on the other they still continue to participate in the decisions of government. Such is part and parcel of Ukraine's political system. A system that is in need of serious overhaul. Ministers of cabinet should be members of parliament where they can provide effective leadership and stability. Ukraine should look more closely at Westminster as a model for effective parliamentary governance.