Monday, September 08, 2008

Desperate comments from pres's secretariat

The Ukrainian President's press service posted the following on the pres's website last night:

The PM's reluctance to obey the fair demands of the President testifies the non Ukrainian origin of the Ukrainian crisis scenario - A. Kyslynskyi [deputy head of the pres's secretariat]

"An impression is being formed that PM Tymoshenko is enduring a psychological crisis linked to the unsuitability of her own ambitions and national interests of Ukraine." This is the only way that absence of adequate reactions [by her] to the latest events, particularly the President's ultimatum, can be explained.

"It is difficult to call the schoolboy jokes with which the head of government 'amuses' the country the position of a serious politician."

"One can assume that the reluctance of the PM to give an honest assessment to the events in Georgia and their possible influence on Ukraine may be the result of her fear of being refused entry to Russia again. There are no other rational explanations for the anti-constitutional acts, i.e. voting for anti-state laws, by the new BYuT coalition, PoR, and Communists, which upset the balance of the system of authority in the country," said Kysynskyi, adding, "It is clear that the possible support from Russia in future presidential elections weigh more heavily for Yulia Tymoshenko than defending of the national interests of her own country."

p.s. Some experts are talking of the possibility that the political crisis in Ukraine may be resolved by force.


Gene said...

Interesting comment about the potential of force by Yushenko. To be honest, I have doubted for some time that Yush and Baloha will give up power peacefully.

One of my favorite English speaking newspapers...Zerkalo Nedeli has a couple of interesting articles today. One of them drops some hints about the use of force.

I used to trust Yushenko to do what was right, but that changed when Baloha joined his staff. My sense is that democracy in Ukraine is in danger now that Yush and Baloha have been pushed into a corner.

varske said...

That bottom link doesn't seem to be working. But I'm in Georgia and it might just be more government censorship, though there was no message saying so like for all Russian sites.