Friday, September 12, 2008

Yushchenko dangerously out of touch with reality

Ever louder whispers are being heard that President Yushchenko will dismiss the Ukrainian parliament [VR] soon, if a formal coalition between BYuT and Party of Regions is created. NUNS [the president's bloc] walked out of what was the majority ruling coalition in the VR recently because of major disagreements with BYuT.

There would be no legal basis for the dismissal of the VR, but Yushchenko will blame Tymoshenko for "revision of the will of the electorate" if she 'mucks in' with Yanukovych.

This is a highly dangerous path to follow. PoR and BYuT are by far the two largest parties in Ukrainian politics and were fairly elected into parliament. By and large they do represent the will of those who voted them in. Yushchenko dismissed parliament last year on the flimsiest of legal grounds. Does he imagine he could get away with it a second time around?

Interior minister Yuriy Lutsenko told journalists today that he would not allow clashes between power structures to take place in the event of any solution by force of the current political crisis. He considers "The party of war, with Baloha [head of the president's secretariat] at its head, could push for a force scenario."

p.s. The 'Unian' press agency are running an on-line poll, asking its website visitors if they approve the creation of a PoR-BYuT coalition. Over 10,000 have voted; almost 67% of respondents said 'Yes'..

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Anonymous said...

As long as Yushchenko remains President Ukraine will be continue to suffer perpetual political crisis.

Viktor Yushchenko and his political party "Our Ukraine"'s rating in the public opinion polls is below 5%.

What does this tell you?

If anyone should face the people of Ukraine it should be the President, his actions and policies do not reflect the wishes and aspirations of the Ukrainian people.

Good article in kyiv post