Thursday, August 03, 2006

Backstabbing already..

So Yushchenko has approved Yanukovych for PM.
The ink is not yet dry on the 'Universal' and already Communist leader, and Anti-Crisis Coalition member Petro Symonenko is squealing because NSNU want to sign up too and reform the ACC into a coalition of 'national unity'.

He knows he has served his purpose - PoR and NSNU will now get together and stab him in the back. I hope that the cheques have cleared by now...

Symonenko claims that Parliament will vote on Yanukovych's candidature on Friday, presumably to give NSNU and PoR time to do some back-room dealing on Cabinet portfolios..

'Universal? What Universal?


WRY said...

Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I thought the Communists did not sign the Universal or at least only signed those parts they agree with.
At any rate, their departure from the coalition would be a good thing. It gives Our Ukraine a more decisive role in the coalition's existence.

LEvko said...

Thanks for the comment. Yes, the Communists have only signed bits of the Universal. Their departure would be a good thing too.

In the '99 Pres elections, Symonenko, their leader, polled almost 40%. In the 2002 VR elections the Communists received about 20% of the votes. This time they barely crept past the 3% barrier.

In simple terms, they are a pseudo-party that knows its time is up. PoR used them to topple the 'democratic coalition' [so easy wasn't it?] If NSNU deputies join the ACC in large numbers, the Communists will have served their purpose, and will then be expendible.

PoR need NSNU on board to provide the Financial-Industrial Groups, particularly of the Donbas with credibility abroad. What influence NSNU have in any new coalition remains to be seen.