Thursday, August 03, 2006

Yanukovych in wonderland

A quote from Yanukovych's cringe-making address at the 'round table' talks with President Yuschenko and leaders of Ukraine's main political parties:

"It was most important that in 2004 people went out into the maidans and squares. We, together with you, were not only witnesses, but also participants of events. What where people talking of? They spoke of fairness, people spoke of a better life, about freedom... This is what we in our lives dreamt of, and dream of. We want to build a fair country, we want to build an independent, democratic country.

And what happened after 2004? First, a process of cleansing took place. [!?]And on this path, it doesn't happen that from the first step everything can be decided immediately. This is a difficult path but this is the path of our state and of our society .

[Then more Bulls**t.]

Our joint responsibility as politicians, is ensure that people live peacefully in our country, respect one another, and then we will be respected in the world."

So the OR was nothing do with cheating the Presidential elections, systematic denial, to NU and their supporters, of access to mass media, intimidation, etc. etc.?

Yanukovych and PoR certainly were, "not only witnesses, but also participants of events."

Some quotes from Yuliya Tymoshenko's closing remarks at the 'round table' talks:

"I have noticed, that political betrayal is transforming itself into an infectious disease in Ukrainian political life, and we have not yet ascertained by what means it is being transmitted. One thing I'll say though, is that this disease is not spreading amongst women.

Betrayal will not affect our political force. We will not work in shadowy corridors...All that was done on the Maidans has not passed into history...In Ukraine there is [still] a political force that will take on all the responsibility for adhering to all those principles which resonated at the time of the presidential elections. Our actions will not allow anyone to perform deeds not compatible with democracy."

Meanwhile NSNU have announced that it is their intention to enter the new Coalition of National Unity, with PoR, Socialists, and Communists, and that its deputies will have a free vote on whether to approve Yanukovych PM in the VR tomorrow. We'll see how many make the switch to the 'new, improved' Yanukovych.

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