Sunday, August 20, 2006

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home..

Tammy Lynch makes a pertinent observation in her piece 'Changing of the Guard'.

On 15-16 August, new Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych made his first official trip abroad to Russia to attend the Eurasian Economic Community Summit. [Neither Yushchenko nor Foreign minister Tarasyuk attended.]

"Yanukovych’s trip to Sochi suggests that the way foreign policy has been handled in Ukraine by President Viktor Yushchenko may be changing. The fact that Yanukovych was granted permission by Yushchenko (who has responsibility for the country’s foreign policy) to take this trip, may signify a shift in the president’s handling of international questions."

It's possible that a tacit agreement has been struck. From now on the president and his men Tarasyuk and Rybachuk will run the 'western side' of things, whilst Yanukovych and his team will deal will the Russians, with whom relations will now get warmer, but will nevertheless be defined as: 'no hard feelings, but from now on, 'family' or not, it's strictly business - cash only, you understand.'

The last link quotes an 'expert' who says: "Yanukovych couldn't promise Russia anything because he is aware that in three or four weeks he needs to fly to Washington - he is trying to be sufficiently flexible so as not to place himself into an awkward position in Washington." Wonder who will go with him..

[The official Ukrainian Gov't Portal only mentions a telephone discussion between Yanuk and Condi Rice a few days ago.]

The little piggy poem:

This little piggy went to market,
this little piggy stayed home,
this little piggy had roast beef,
this little piggy had none;
and this little piggy - went "wee! wee! wee!" all the way home.

[Normally recited to infants while their toes are playfully tugged.]


DLW said...

Any chance the official revelations about the famine caused by Stalin will affect Russian-Ukrainian relations?

I'm thinking...reparations or, at least, blackmail over possible demands for reparations?


Anonymous said...

Nah - they officially deny anything ever happened.

Anonymous said...

Tammy Lynch is again off base - Yanukovych is going to Poland - kinda throws off her East/West theory.