Monday, August 14, 2006

Drugs and traitors

PoR mouthpiece Taras Chornovil claimed in a recent newspaper interview that saw Yuliya T snorting cocaine, and suggests that she asked her bodyguards to obtain coke on her behalf.

This is not the first time that Chornovil has made similar assertions in what seems to be a concerted campaign to blacken the only politician in Ukraine that PoR and other parties truly fear..

BYuT's riposte includes this: "Chornovil's wish to pour dirt onto the leaders of the opposition is evoked by the intention to drag all politicians to the level of his party's bosses, in as much it is difficult for Party of Regions to realize that in Ukrainian politics there are people who do not steal enterprises, do not mislead the electorate, do not use narcotics, and never tore off fur hats from passers-by."

Chornovil is #3 on a list of political turncoats and traitors of which the recent history of Ukrainian politics is replete.

Quote: "#3. Taras Chornovil - son of an outstanding activist of Ukraine’s national and democratic movement Vyacheslav Chornovil, enjoyed a great support of his late father’s voters. He was a member of Viktor Yushchenko’s Our Ukraine faction. But in April 2004 he left it for the Party of the Regions faction. In 2004 presidential elections he backed Yushchenko’s rival Viktor Yanukovych. Taras Chornovil’s name is frequently used as a synonym for treason."

The list is headed by former long-time Socialist leader, and new VR speaker Oleksandr Moroz. Others on the list include Tymoshenko, Azarov, and Zinchenko.

There have been rumors in the past that drug-taking is quite widespread in the VR, and even in the former President's administration, the substances [and no doubt other services] being supplied by 'kriminalni avtorytety' that co-operate with and mingle amonst Kyiv's political elite...

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