Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys?

According to the Novosti-Donetsk website Vadym Klikovskyi, one of the prime suspects in the murder of senior UBOZ investigator Roman Yerokhin, was arrested in Ternopil last night. I've written about this case in my last two blogs because it illustrates yet again how crime, politics, and law-enforcement agencies are grotesquely intertwined in Ukraine.

As the arrest was taking place, Klikovskyi attempted to shoot himself with rubber bullets [?], but was prevented from doing so.

Klikovskyi was a Donetsk policeman who worked for the ex-chief of the Donetsk police Anatoliy Voloshchuk. On the eve of the 2004 Presidential elections Voloshchuk had been transferred to the Kyiv oblast Minister of the Interior main directorate, and Klikovskyi later also moved and headed the Irpin Min of the Interior regional directorate [near Kyiv]. Irpin had been a PoR stronghold during the recent VR elections.

The Novosti piece includes this intriguing passage: "It is commonly known that one of the minister of internal affairs' deputies took direct part in the pressure applied to Yerokhin. Obviously the highly-placed general will be able to explain to the prosecutors' investigators the reasons that urged deputy-minster to "dismiss" Yerokhin, and [give them] the names of the people who "asked" him to do it.

Will Klikovskyi 'click' with the investigators and 'give up' the zakazchik?

..общеизвестно, что непосредственное участие в давлении на Ерохина принимал один из заместителей министра внутренних дел. Очевидно, высокопоставленный генерал сможет объяснить следователям прокуратуры причины, подтолкнувшие замминистра «увольнять» Ерохина и имена людей, «просивших» его об этом.

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DLW said...

This is important news for Ukraine!

I'd like to hear how it is dealt with by the media and the gov't.