Friday, August 11, 2006

Return to bad habits?

Journalists and others working in the mass media have today issued a declaration condemning specific events that took place over the last few days, which, they say, may indicate a return to the bad old times of censorship and pressure.

The incidents include kidnapping, physical assaults on journalists, and a refusal to allow channel 5 the right to broadcast 'live', a government press conference.

They appeal to the minister of internal affairs, to Yanukovych's press secretary, and others to sort these matters out. In the event of continuing pressure, they threaten to use various forms of active protest.

PM Yanukovych today signed a Cabinet of Ministers decree to enable civil servants to be sacked without warning.

The Cabinet of Ministers also sacked the head of Ukrainian railways, Vasyl Gladkikh on Friday. The head of 'Lemtrans', one of the companies in Akhmetov's SCM industrial giant, has been approved as deputy head of the rail service. 'Donetsky' are also moving in on the State tax administration, Azarov's old 'stamping ground'.

PoR have a opportunity now to show that they have 'changed their ways', and to increase their support base, particularly in central regions of Ukraine. Will they be smart and try to live up to their new 'clean' image, or will they again reveal themselves to be 'bandits'?

Photo of Vasyl Gladkikh from MIG news [maybe sacking him was not such a bad idea, after all..]

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