Saturday, October 21, 2006

Complete shambles..

Today in Kyiv, at the 3rd Congress of NSNU, President Yushchenko confirmed that he remains the honorary chairman of party. He declared that the party is in a state of 'serious internal crisis', and that the party leadership is responsible for this state of affairs.

He severely criticized the fact that reconstruction of party is being conducted by 'administrative methods', where party cells and members of the party are selected by leaders at the top; and was dismayed that, "By recruiting members of the party from the representatives of authority - the party has become an appendage of the power structures".

"I do not want the party to become the closed joint-stock company, where the main shareholders decide, what it is necessary for party, but in reality decide their own, or near to their own interests", said Yushchenko.

"The party and its leading organs, and especially presidium must be held responsible for this," he added.

He is still sticking with the idea of a grand coalition. "If you attentively listened, my position is political consolidation with different forces, including with PoR, SPU, and parliamentary and extra-parliamentary forces," said the President. The negotiations [on coalition building], in his opinion have not yet ended.

The head of the party council, Roman Bezsmertnyi, together with the party leadership have now [sort of] relinquished their authority, and it was agreed that the Congress reconvene in 3 weeks time. Bezsmertyi remains 'acting chairman' of the party council. Other party leaders, in particular Petro Poroshenko considered that the President's criticisms meant that the entire party leadership should go too.

In short - a complete shambles. Are this bunch fit to govern the country?
cf: Troubled NSNU

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