Monday, October 09, 2006

Same old faces keep turning up [Part 2]

Today President Yushchenko has appointed Oleksandr Zinchenko as an adviser, according to the President's press-service.

By coincidence I mentioned him in my previous blog a couple of days ago.

He had run Yushchenko's 2004 presidential campaign, replacing Roman Bezsmertnyi, now one of NSNU's leading lights who wasn't up to the job. Yushchenko appointed Zinchenko Presidential chief of staff immediately after his inauguration, but Zinchenko resigned several months later alleging corruption amongst the President's closest advisers.

His resignation resulted in Yushchenko sacking the then PM Yuliya Tymoshenko, the subsequent break-up of the orange camp, and arguably the resurgence and victory of a PoR-led coalition in the March 2006 VR elections.

Zinchenko's 'rehabilitation' would seem to indicate that Yushchenko now accepts Zinchenko's assertions on corruption in the president's inner coterie were true, even though a court forced him to refute them.

Some observers speculate that Zinchenko's re-employment by Yushchenko may show that speculation over Tymoshenko's possible appointment to the position of Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council may have some grounding.

The wily Zinchenko lead 'Party of patriotic forces of Ukraine' in the March 2006 VR elections. But they 'bombed' badly. There were rumors that he had 'fell out' with Yuliya T and BYuT, so set up his own party.

Is this more evidence that Yush may be distancing himself from NSNU?

And Vasyl Baziv, about whom I posted yesterday when he surprisingly got a new job in the President's Admin, has been fired today - what's going on here?

The U-turns and somersaults performed in Ukrainian politics in the last few years by politicians are truly astonishing.

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