Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hayduk gets to work..

Just over a month ago I posted this:

"First deputy Prime minister and Finance Minister Mykola Azarov has been looking after his pals again. Exporting manufacturers from Donetsk [and Lugansk] have received a far greater share of Value Added Tax reimbursements for the month of August, than similar exporting manufacturers from other regions of Ukraine." VAT 'fiddles' are apparently a speciality of Azarov's.

Now this from the Ukrainian news site today:

Yuschenko announced: "I am directing the Security Service of Ukraine to start active work ... on documenting facts of corrupt actions by employees of government agencies, the State Tax Administration, the State Treasury, and the customs on the issue of refund of VAT."

He demanded that the SBU's Chairman Ihor Drizhchanyi prepare a report on this issue within 30 days and submit it at the next meeting with Yushchenko on the issue of VAT.

..Yuschenko directed the new-appointed National Security and Defense Council Secretary Vitalii Haiduk on October 17 to prepare for a meeting of the council, at which the legality of refund of value-added tax will be discussed.

Hayduk is up and running..We will see in time how effective he will be in sorting such matters out.

Update : More on this story in English here.

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