Friday, October 20, 2006

Troubled NSNU

The NSNU bloc are staging a special congress this Saturday, but there is no indication that they have 'got their act together'.

Today Roman Bezsmertnyi said there is a possibility congress could deny support to its leaders' recently declared opposition status for the party, (in which case he would resign); whereas Ihor Zdanov, deputy head of NSNU's central executive committee, stated in an interview that: "Discussions with the [PoR-led] anti-crisis coalition are today unrealistic."
Zdanov did not rule out the possibility that Yushchenko could give up his position as Honorary head of the bloc, saying that if he did, "..our attitude will be one of understanding to his choice. But personally for me, and for many party members, Viktor Yushchenko will, in any event, remain our leader. " The impression being given is that NSNU are split and disorientated.

What is slightly odd to a western observer like me is how little gloating and ridicule there has been from Yanukovych and PoR boys over NSNU's predicament. They feel there is still a possibility that some NSNU deputies may switch over to their anti-crisis coalition, making them less dependent on their Socialist and Communist anti-crisis coalition partners, so maybe don't want to 'put the boot in' too hard just yet.

Things could become clearer after Saturday, but NSNU's recent track record on making clear-cut decisions is not encouraging. The 'oranges' are miles away from looking anything like a creditable alternative to the current government - something 'an opposition' should strive to be.

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