Saturday, October 07, 2006

Same old faces keep turning up..

The head of President Yushchenko's secretariat, Viktor Baloha, today confirmed that Vasyl Baziv has been appointed his adviser on information questions.

When asked whether he was disturbed by the fact that Baziv was once considered the "voice of [disgraced former President] Kuchma," he answered: "If a man has a contemporary outlook, and can give useful advice, I consider that these people should work [for us]".

In 2003-2004 Vasyl Baziv held the post of the Deputy Head of the President Kuchma's Administration - leader of the main analytical service of the administration, and Kuchma's main speechwriter.

During the 2004 Presidential elections, after Yushchenko was poisoned, state-run and oligarchic media began to issue sarcastic reports suggesting that Yushchenko suffered from poisoning from some exotic food or just alcohol. "I would recommend checking food before consumption in order to avoid stomach problems," Vasyl Baziv, deputy head of the Ukrainian presidential administration, told journalists on 17 September, thus establishing the tone of official comments on Yushchenko's condition. "Let Zinchenko taste the food first, before Yushchenko begins to eat it.... That's what rulers did in the Middle Ages," Baziv added.

Oleksandr Zinchenko, who did a good job heading Yushchenko's election campaign in 2004, was rewarded by being appointed the president's chief of staff but later resigned, alleging corruption amongst the President's closest allies. The rehabilitated Baziv is back.
Same old faces keep coming around on the Ukrainian political merry-go-round..

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Anonymous said...

LEvko, Thanks as always for your posts. You have my deepest gratitude though the news is disheartening but honestly, I expected no less from the "new sheriff in town" (Yanu and friends). IMMEDIATELY after the Prez election the sites were set on the Parliamentary election. "Desire rules the world."