Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fragile BYuT-NUNS coalition formed

Tonight, in the offices of the presidential secretariat, the leaders of BYuT and NUNS signed a statement on their intent to form a coalition in the newly elected VR.

The 'Donbass' newspaper, in its report, includes this:

"So the working format of [BYuT-NUNS] coalition has been revealed. But Volodymyr Lytvyn's silence is causing the potential partners to be nervous. Several times during recent days they have made clear hints [that they would like him on board too] but Lytvyn has persistently failed to react.

Without him, their [BYuT-NUNS] coalition appears very risky - the absence of just three deputies means they cannot carry a motion in the VR. And if Yuriy Yekhanurov, or any other three deputies refuse to vote for Tymoshenko's premiership - everything will collapse. So the process of negotiation has entered a new phase - more intense and quick. That the President did not invite representatives PoR and CPU to today's encounter shows what kind of coalition he wants to see. But no one knows what the result will be."

BYuT-NUNS have gained 228 seats in the 450 seat parliament. Lytvyn's bloc gained 20 seats. PoR and Communists together gained 202 seats.

Without Lytvyn the wheels will drop off very quickly..Maybe that's why PoR are playing it cool too..

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