Friday, October 05, 2007

PoR's position on 'shyrka'

Will the Rada remain without 151 deputies or there will be a wide coalition? asks Rinat Akhmetov's 'Segodnya' today. It then continues:

If the negotiations between PoR and NUNS on the creation of wide coalition are not successful, then 151 deputies from the PoR will not accept their mandates, giving a basis to acknowledge the Supreme Rada illegitimate.

Our sources in the highest ranks of PoR report that the party is considering the option to refuse to take up 151 VR mandates unless agreement is reached on a wide coalition. "Even if we take up our mandates, but agreements are infringed and NUNS and BYUT create a coalition, then 10-15 patriots will always be found who will not vote for Tymoshenko as premier. In this case our fundamental position is that Viktor Yanukovych must remain premier," said our source."

There you have it - clear and to the point..

p.s. You wouldn't guess from this pie chart from 'Segodya' that BYuT [white] came within about 3.5% of catching PoR [blue] in last Sunday's election would you?


Anonymous said...

The twist is that should they not take up 151 mandates, then they proclaim that since the dissolution of Parliament, all the legislation which they voted on and passed was absolutely invalid!

Didn't PoR receive fewer 'mandates' than in the prior elections and did not BYT earn more than in the prior elections?

Re: pie chart - What *****!!!

Anonymous said...

There could be a scenario then where POR block all attempts by Tymochenko to set up her Premiership in the Rada and then after a while,to resolve the chaos a "neutral" candidate is put forward backed by POR and NUNS and Tymochenko runs for President in 2009, still white and pure.