Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Going pear-shaped* already..

Former PM and now NUNS deputy Yuriy Yekhanurov has called upon the BYuT-NUNS coalition to begin negotiations with PoR and the Lytvyn bloc.

"If we lock ourselves only in our political forces and do hear our [other] parliamentary colleagues, then, in actual fact, the election will not have brought any results, and the division of the country continues. We have to hear one other," said Yekhanurov.

He also warned that he will leave Our Ukraine if his proposals on the coalition with BYuT and the creation of a coalition are not listened to at tomorrow's session of the party presidium.

Earlier Yekhanurov stated, that it is not entirely understandable, why the leaders of NUNS "began to crawl before Yulia Volodymyrivna" without fully agreeing of positions between the two blocs.

Yekhanurov replaced Tymoshenko when she was sacked by Yushchenko in September 2005, but Tymshenko 'put the boot in' by supporting a no confidence vote in January 2006 during that winter's gas crisis.

*To go pear-shaped - to go wrong, to fall apart, to get out of control or to fail. Primarily a British expression. Origin uncertain - possibly Royal Air Force acrobatic pilots describing malformed 'looping the loop' trails. Or, unkind description of aging process of humans.

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