Tuesday, October 23, 2007

NUNS in big trouble

Yuriy Yekhanurov is rocking the boat again today, as is Ivan Plyushch who has refused to sign the latest BYuT-NUNS agreement.

As usual, during the elections it was BYuT, this time assisted by young 'radicals' such as Lytsenko and Kyrylenko from NUNS, that did the 'heavy lifting' while Yekhanurov and their ilk skulked in the background. Now the elections are over, true to form, out they crawl..

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Anonymous said...

maybe they did the heavy lifting but it didn't lift very much - NUNS got about the same as with Yekanurov - and anyway you could say that these young Turks are just taking a ride Yulia's bandwagon and signing up to programs like abolishing army service by 2008 and repaying the crashed bank savings without a care as long as they get their offices