Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Chornovol refuses to be discharged from hospital [updated]

Below is my translation of an announcement posted on the official Ukrainian Ministry of Health website today:

"The medical condition of  journalist Tatiana Chornovol, who suffered from the result of a beating on December 25, 2013, is stable and satisfactory. This conclusion was reached by a concilium of physicians held on 6 January 2014. The concilium confirmed that the treatment of the patient in hospital has been completed and she no longer needs to stay in hospital. 

According to doctors, Tatiana Chornovol can be discharged and can return home; further medical supervision can be provided on an outpatient basis by specialist professionals. 

However, the patient has categorically refused to be discharged. [my highlight]

As previously reported, the patient - Tatiana Chornovol - born in 1969, underwent a course of medical treatment at the "Borys" private medical clinic for thirteen days. She received comprehensive treatment in full in accordance to protocols agreed by the clinic's experts and consultants from other health care facilities.

Press Service of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine"

This all strikes me as very peculiar, to say the least. Is it an attempt to talk down the gravity of Chornovol's injuries before a worldwide audience of observers?

And what business is it of the the Ministry of Health to comment on treatment being provided by a high-class private health care establishment?

If Ms Chornovol does not wish to be discharged surely this is matter between her and the clinic...no business of the Ministry.

And most importantly, Ms Chornovol's apprehension of being discharged is most understandable. She survived what was most likely an attempt on her life, and was horribly beaten about the head, resulting in multiple fractures and serious concussion. She still suffers pain and dizziness...and probably from some degree of post traumatic stress disorder..

The attempt on her life could well have been commissioned by highly-placed government officials whose corrupt criminal excesses Chornovol frequently exposed. They may even be linked to ministry of health officials. One of her alleged assailants is still at large.

She has every reason to be fearful another attempt could by made on her life. In the last weeks hardly a day goes by without another report of serious beatings of opposition activists, torching of vehicles, serious police harassment, unauthorised detainment etc. etc.

In light of this the Ministry's statement is totally out of order...almost as bad as the assault on her initially being categorised by law enforcement officials as 'hooliganism'..

Evil mind's could interpret it thus: "They tracked her, beat her up within an inch of her life...now the're saying she's ok...fixed...good as new...just one of those things...let's forget about it all..no reason for all the fuss."

p.s. According to one of their presenters Tetyana Chornovol may be interviewed on hromadske.tv tomorrow.

update: 'UkrainskaPravda' run this story today. Some of the commentators explain the ministry of health statement thus:

If Chornovol is hospitalised for over 21 days her assailants would face imprisonment up to 10 years for 'grevious bodily harm'. A lesser duration in hospital would mean her assailants would be charged with causing bodily hard of much lesser gravity, and would only face a 2 year stretch..less time off for good behaviour etc. etc..Get the idea..

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