Sunday, January 26, 2014

Yanukovych has offered nothing

Ukraine's opposition knows that under the current Ukrainian Constitution, [which was amended during Yanukovych's presidency to strengthen his position] Yanukovch can fire as well as hire cabinet ministers..

Proof of this is the offer Yanukovch made which includes the sacking of current Prime Minister Azarov. The offer of cabinet posts to Yatseniuk and Klychko are therefore worthless..

The other so called concessions are merely promises of 'jam tomorrow'...

Dozens of PoR deputies are keeping 'their heads down' incommunicado, so to say. A pro-Yanukovch majority in parliament is now probably unattainable.

Nevertheless, deputies can switch their support from pro-government to anti-government and back in flash so, again any undertakings given by PoR deputies are also 'jam tomorrow'.

The opposition leaders, and protesters on the street, have nothing to fear but must demand concrete irreversible steps from Yanukovych before giving any ground themselves. The cracks in the ruling authories' dam that have appeared these last two days, and the recent events across the country in regional capitals are most encouraging for the opposition.


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