Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Identifying second vehicle vital to solution to Chornovol case

Tetyana Chornovol today gave her version of events leading up to her vicious beating in the early morning of 25th December.

She claimed no-once else, not even family were aware that she was heading home from Maidan late the previous evening. Very soon after leaving Maidan, on Institutska Street, she noticed that she has picked up a tail and two cars were following her. This had happened previously on several occasions so as she approached her home village she drove round some backstreets to shake them off. With one vehicle still on her tail, she decides not to risk going home and starts to drive back to Maidan. Icy road conditions and a lack of winter tyres made it particularly difficult for her to elude her tail.

What followed can seen in the video recording I've described previously  when a black Porsche SUV started to bash into her and tried to force her off the highway...

Chornovol's account discredits Serhiy Kotenko's version of events. Kotenko incredibly asserted that he was trying to sell the Porsche Cayenne used to attack Chornovol's vehicle but was tricked into allowing two previously unknown prospective purchasers to give it a road test in the middle of the night. He claims it was they who smashed up his Porsche and also beat up Chornovol while he sat in the back seat of the car.

If Chornovol's version of events is true is not unreasonable to assume that her car was under surveillance while she was on the Maidan on the 24th. The presence of another, "control" vehicle, indicates preplanning and collusion. Kotenko was an integral part of the plan.

No mention of a second vehicle has, to my knowledge, by made by any law enforcement official, to date, nor is any second vehicle being sought or identified. As in any capital city there are plenty of traffic control surveillance cameras placed along the route Chornovol travelled on that night.

It is not unreasonable, therefore to consider a serious cover-up is taking place of a crime for which the perpetrators would serve many years in prison in most normal countries.

Chornovol is sure president Yanukovych commissioned her beating. Would 'rogue elements' sympathetic to the president dare organise such a 'hit' without authorisation from the top?  I tend the think rather not...

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