Friday, January 17, 2014

How bad do you want it?

The rag-bag of 'cut and paste' legislation " steamrolled through parliament on Thursday by the most cynical of methods will almost certainly be quickly signed off by Yanukovych and become law.

Senior members of PoR declare [imo correctly] that Ukraine is undergoing the greatest crisis in its short history, and openly admit the punitive new legislation is intended to quell the EuroMaidan and reduce what they consider to be, in their words, "the risk of civil war".

Yet they know well there is no risk of civil war. EuroMaidan is not against any other Ukrainian region. EuroMaidan stands for European values - exactly those values of transparency and accountability that threaten the future prospects of Yanukovych's gang of corrupt mobsters.  Hence the passing of the new highly repressive laws in parliament today.

In the brief history of independent Ukraine it citizens have not had to 'dig deep' either to gain independence or to fight for their rights - for European values. The next days and weeks will show how much millions of Ukraine's citizens really want these rights and the dignity they provide.

Many realise this might be their last chance...the longer Yanuk and his banda remain, the more difficult they will be to shift..

p.s. Shortly after Yulia Tymoshenko was arrested I suggested there was a 60% chance of  'Belarusisation'of Ukraine, and a 10% chance of the toppling of Yanukovych.  The new legislation is in large part based on laws existing in Ukraine's nothern neighbours.

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